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Below is basic list of most of the services we proudly provide however some services that we provide may not be included in this list below. Since some services are provided in a seasonal basis if you don’t find the service you are looking for we encourage you to contact us because the chance is we can provide you with your service. Chances that we do not provide it we’ll gladly recommend you a Landscape Maintenance service that will provide it.

For landscaping installation and one time service such as Sod /Grass installation, retaining wall, Pavers,drainage, landscape lighting. We happily give you landscape estimate in the following cities: Phoenix Metro Area and surrounding cities.

Here is some of the basic list of some of the services that we provide. Many of the services we offer require us to see your specific need in order to quote a price. Depending on the individual need of each project .


Automatic Sprinkler Systems: Installation and Repairs

  • Professional design & installation of new Sprinkler system
  • Irrigation repair/ dripper systems repairs
  • Conversion to automatic
  • Top brand names such as "Rain Bird" & "Hunter" products.

Landscape Installation:

  • New construction / Restorations (coming Soon)
  • Sod rolls
  • Seeding
  • Flower beds
  • winter sod installing
  • Drainage systems including French drainage
  • Mulch / bark dust / planting mix installs
  • Small/medium tree removal
  • Shrubs / perennials / plants planting
  • Landscape lighting / low voltage lighting

[Other Services]

Tree Planting up to 24" Box trees

Landscape Maintenance( 1x clean-up

  • Fertilizing
  • Lawn treatment
  • Lime
  • Moss Control
  • Weed Control

Back-flow testing

Sprinkler system winterize "air blow"

Sprinkler systems starts @ Call for pricing per zone

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