How to sign in on YouTubbe TV app?

There are many streaming services available in the market, but YouTube is one of the oldest and best services available to date. On YouTube, you can watch anything you want, from Live sport to a TV show any time, any wear and on any device. Due to the increasing users of the YouTube app, the company decided to launch their applications on different platforms so that people with different devices can enjoy their favourite shows or videos anywhere, anytime. Along with that, YouTube launched its new plant form that is YouTube TV, for the users who love watching cable TV channel programs. On this platform, almost all cable TV channels are available for users with different interests and preferences. In this article, we will learn how you can sign in on your YouTube TV application available on your device.

Steps to sign in to YouTube TV streaming application on your device

before heading to the activation process, you need to know that YouTube TV is available only for the subscribers of the platform. So in order to render the services of YouTube TV, you need to sign up on the official platform of YouTube TV and subscribe to a subscription plan. Once you are done with the same, proceed with the following activation process:

Step 1: first of all, go to the application store of your device and install the YouTube TV application.

Step 2: Launch the streaming application and login with your account credentials.

Step 3: you will see an activation code on the screen that is required for the further process.

Step 4: now, you need to go to tv.youtube.com/start with the help of a mobile or a computer.

Step 5: in the next step, you need to enter the activation code that was displayed on your screen on this page.

Step 6: click on the continue button, and you will see a dialogue box will appear on the screen.

Step 7: From the given options in the dialogue box, click on the allow button, and you are now all set to start watching YouTube TV shows or channels on your device.

By following the above-mentioned steps will help you to sign in and activate YouTube TV on your device. The only requirement here is that you should choose a compatible device to watch YouTube TV on your device. With the help of the remote control of the particular device, you can select the programs and control the playback of the platform. All the steps mentioned above are eligible for the devices, so you can recommend them for any device you want to connect with your YouTube TV account.

Steps to play YouTube TV with the help of remote control of your device

  • after activating YouTube TV on your device, you need to control it for making sure that you can select the right program that you want to watch and the right episode. For this, we mention some tips in the below section:

  • YouTube TV offers a program guide to check the list of upcoming programs of various channels.

  • You can play, pause, skip, rewind and forward while watching an episode with the help of your remote control tv.youtube tv/start.

  • Also, you can flip the channels to flip the episodes for flip the shows as well.