Get started with YouTube TV

YouTube is a paid membership that offers users to watch live TV from all major channels, cable networks, and other paid networks. Along with this, you can also watch youtube streaming videos, youtube originals, and other youtube content. YouTube TV also includes DVR storage space to download the videos. Here you can learn so many things about the youtube tv app.

Things to know before you start

Subscription code of YouTube TV

YouTube TV will cost you $64.99+tax per month. You can cancel your subscription anytime and also control the auto-renew feature.

Location requirements

During the signup process of YouTube TV, you will be asked to share the zip code of your area. You may also be asked to share the location via location permissions of your device to get access to the local network channels.

Free Trial

All the new users of the YouTube TV app can avail of the 30-day free trial before paying for the subscription amount.

The activation process of the YouTube TV app on your device

Follow these steps to activate the YouTube TV app on your device:

Step 1: Sign up for YouTube TV

1. Visit on a web browser

2. Click on the “Start Free Trial” button

3. Login with your Gmail or Google account

4. Confirm the Geo location or home location

Step 2: Customize your membership

1. After selecting Geo location you will be asked to purchase the membership

2. Once you are done with the membership you can customize your membership as well

3. You can review the channels included in your membership along with the price.

4. Further you can add any premium networks to your membership by clicking on the “Circle” button available adjacent to every channel.

5. During the free trial period you can add as much as channels you want

6. After the trial period you need to buy the subscription to access these channels.

Step 3: Install the application

1. Visit the app store

2. Search YouTube TV app

3. Click on the download button

4. The installation will start immediately

Step 4: Find the activation code

1. Launch the YouTube TV app

2. Login with Gmail account

3. Activation code will display on the screen

4. Save the code

Step 5: Enter the code

1. You need to enter the code at or

2. Visit the URL and then enter the code carefully

3. Click on the “Continue” button

4. Enjoy streaming