How to activate YouTube using YouTube.com/activate?

Activate YouTube using YouTube.com/activate is a process provided by the official YouTube website to register smart TV or other similar devices in the UK on YouTube. This process links the device with the google account or YouTube account of the user and the user can stream their favorite videos on their device. Not everyone knows how to get the activation code to enter on the activation page of YouTube. This issue gets annoying as watching videos from the different platforms is one of the best pleasures in the UK after you purchase a smart TV or a smart device. So to put this simply in the steps of activation will help the users to watch videos on a large scale to boost the experience of YouTube to the next level. in this guide, we will learn how you can activate YouTube using an activation page on Roku fire TV, smart TV, and more devices.

Steps to activate YouTube via YouTube.com/activate on a gaming console in the UK

  • Proceed with the steps mentioned below if you want to watch YouTube on gaming consoles such as Box One, PlayStation, and similar devices in the UK.

  • The first fall navigates to the sign-in and settings option after launching the YouTube app in your gaming console. If you are gaming console does not have a YouTube app then you can download it from the application store.

  • Now click on the sign-in button and with the help of control of the gaming console login with your account contentions. You will see an activation code on the screen.

  • Now take a mobile or computer and go to YouTube.com/activate.

  • If required login with your YouTube account credentials and enter the code displayed on your gaming console screen.

  • Click on the allow access button and the activation process completes.

  • Now you are ready to stream YouTube videos on your gaming console.

Steps to watch YouTube on Roku or other streaming media player

  • First of all, set up your Roku device, and with the help of the Roku remote control go to the home screen.

  • From the homepage find and click on the channel store icon.

  • After that search for the YouTube application and click on the add as channel button.

  • This will download the application to your Roku device and open the app to go to my channel section.

  • Once you launch the app click on the sign-in button. Log in with your YouTube account credentials.

  • After login, an activation code will appear on the screen that you should keep safe.

  • Now visit YouTube.com/activate and it login if sign-in in page prompt on the screen.

  • Enter the activation code of your Roku device and click on the Next button.

  • Complete the rest of the instructions and your Roku device is all set to play YouTube videos.

Steps to watch YouTube on a smart TV

The following process applies to all the smart TV ads from different brands.

  • Launch the YouTube application on your smart TV and if it is not downloaded then from the app store download the application.

  • Now you need to click on the settings button available on the left side of the screen and from here select the sign in option.

  • Your TV will display any 8 digit activation code after login.

  • Take a phone aura laptop and go to YouTube.com/activate.

  • Enter the activation code in the space available on the activation page. If before activation sign-in page from then login with your YouTube account credentials.

  • After completing the onscreen instructions your TV is all set to entertain you with YouTube videos.