The Quest

Primary Health Care Ltd. is collaborating with Fast Track Inclusion Trust to offer our youth no cost access to a two-day learning programme –  The Quest funded by the Ministry of Youth Development. 


Our registration was filled within the first 2 hours... Thank you for your confidence - we are thrilled!

Please register for the waiting list if you are interested and we will contact you if places open up or for a date to carry out our next Quest.

About the programme 

The Quest is a two-day learning programme for youth aged 15-21, designed to provide them positive support and help them craft their life vision. 

The programme engages young people in their life planning to increase positive learning and life outcomes. It coaches them to:

An exciting opportunity to spend school holidays in a supportive environment with peers that encourages young people to take action and thrive.  

When: 15 and 16 July, 9am-2pm.

Where: University of Waikato

Spaces are limited. Please register here to secure your spot and receive more details of the location.

Who is the program suitable for?

What will participants learn?

Participants will:

Participants' Psychological Outcomes

This graph shows the statistically significant increases in the outcome factors Empowerment, Hope, Wellbeing and Life Satisfaction.  

  How it works?

A. Identifying personal character strengths

Participants design a journey backpack

Based on the research from University of Pennsylvania Prof. Martin Seligman who identified the different strengths that make each of us unique, participants get a chance to create their individual strength profile. They peel off (reusable) stickers from their base and put them on their backpack for their journey.

B. Formulating a Compelling Long Term Vision


Participants look  at the goal cards and choose the ones that they consider personal goals.

Vision Board

Participants place their goals on their Vision Board according to level of importance of the goal and a time-frame.

C. Setting and unpacking short term goals

Short Term Action Board

Participants prioritise two goals that they want to start working on. They can use this board or design their own to build confidence in goal setting. Reflecting about each chosen goal, they think about which of their strengths they can use to achieve it. 

Goal to Action

Participants can use our bespoke Goal to Action tool or design their own to unpack goals into small, achievable steps. The Signature strengths that they identify earlier go into the left column to start achieving their goals from a strength perspective.

My Goal Passport

Our co-design participants integrated Simon Duffy's Keys To Citizenship as a quick review process in the form of a 'goal passport'.

Learning about what makes a good life

Participants learn about the different elements that make up a good life according to Duffy's model. They get a chance to reflect on stories and think about specific examples that relate to their lives.

D. Achieving goals in all areas of life that matter

Ensure all meaningful areas of life are covered

As participants work on their goals, they enter achievements in their Goal Passport. This ensures that they are well connected with the Keys to Citizenship model. They may decide to concentrate on certain of the Keys at first, and all achievements and world views are supported. What participants learn is that there are several crucial areas that need to be considered and that they can choose goals in each at their own pace and keep tabs on areas of life that need addressing.

The process supports participants designing their personal outcome categories and measures.

E. Follow up after the planning sessions

Taking action

Action boards are magnetised and most participants choose to display them on their fridge so they can be reminded of their commitments.

Celebrate achievements

Goals achieved are celebrated and new goals are formulated to keep the momentum going.

This programme is funded by the Ministry of Youth Development.