Westerville Aquatic Club

Please see our main website www.wacswim.net for general information about our team - that site will be updated once we finalize our plans for the upcoming season.

We are very disappointed to hear that conditions accelerated to such a point that some of our local teams are no longer able to operate during the 2020-21 season. Whether this is temporary or permanent it is a devastating blow to Ohio and Central Ohio swimming.

WAC has been in a very unique position to assist other clubs and displaced swimmers all spring and summer. We have provided water time and organized schedules to allow for greater programming at multiple pools. Our motivation has been to help other teams maintain their base of swimmers while struggling to find water time. We have done so in the spirit of generosity, where “a rising tide lifts all the boats.” If one team succeeds, all other teams have the same opportunity. However, if one team suffers all teams eventually will suffer.

Under these extraordinary conditions WAC welcomes any family who has been displaced from their current team and is interested in joining our club. This being a unique situation with uncertain outcomes, you will find our staff to be very transparent and we expect the same from new families. Please e.mail us to be added to our waitlist and express interest in our program, additionally we ask that all new swimmers (regardless of whether they are coming from another team) please schedule an in water assessment time (links at the top and bottom of this page. We are calling these "Welcome to WAC" sessions, as they are intended to be the start of a conversation where we learn about your training goals, your current skill levels, and we can answer any questions you may have about our program.

We are opening up our registration to current members earlier than normal to get a handle on the current membership to project the number of “openings” we have per age/ability group.

Our planning is being conducted with many uncertainties out there, the largest being the various school district schedules. Scheduling practices that provide sufficient training, a safe environment while maintaining appropriate physical distancing and gathering limits continues to be our focus.

The good news is that we have experienced the majority of these conditions over the past couple of months. Our staff has done an exemplary job carrying out all the necessary protocols we put into place, the athletes have been responsible in distancing and masking, and parents have fulfilled their responsibility in educating their children to the importance of compliance and supporting the team’s effort as we returned to the pool. The result has been a safe and productive experience for the swimmers and staff.

Registration for new families will begin August 1st. For High School Swimmers - please contact Head Coach and Club Owner Jim Peterfish to schedule a time to come for a practice. For the Age Groupers, we ask that you schedule a "Welcome to WAC" session to meet with one of our coaches so that we can understand your training goals, evaluate your current skill level, and recommend an appropriate placement in our program. Please do that before August 1st, so that we are ready to proceed efficiently forward with group placements, additional times will be made available if they are needed.