Youth Summit for Mother Earth HUB

Aanii - boozhoo - shé:kon - tansi - hello - bonjour!

Welcome to the Youth Summit for Mother Earth Hub! All key details and announcements about the Youth Summit can be found on this page.

Miigwetch - miigwech - nya:wen - hiy hiy - thank you - merci for joining us during our livestreams on September 25-26!

Summit Follow-Up Announcements

📌LETTERS TO SPONSORS: These are due October 27! If you have written the letter already, please it to Christine over email as a word, pdf document, or clear scan to add to a thank you package from the event partners. A detailed email was sent to you on October 14.


  • The recordings and discussion notes are still taking a while for us to edit and as such will be delayed in sharing these with the summit community. Once they are ready, these notes and recordings will be updated on the summit hub under "2021 Agenda". Please note that some workshops can only shared within the summit community, as requested by some of our speakers. We trust that you will not repost, reuse, edit or misuse any of the knowledge shared in these sessions out of the respect of our Elders, Knowledge Holders, speakers, facilitators and staff.

Congratulations to TEAM TREE 🌳 for taking the (virtual) trophy for the 2021 Youth Summit for Mother Earth team challenge!


Healthy Lakes, Healthy Lives 🌊

By the following members from River 2: Derek N, Edie H, Kayla H, and Vamika S!

Many thanks to those who voted and submitted to the challenge! Interested in seeing what projects were planned during the summit? Click the link below!



  • Many participants have been asking for contact information of certain speakers to ask further questions. Some of our speakers prefer not to share their contact information, and as such will respect their wishes. If you have any follow-up questions to the sessions, please share in your evaluation form or in an email to Christine.

📌EVALUATIONS: Have you submitted your evaluation forms? Click the "Evaluation Forms" button to provide the planning team and speakers about each of the sessions and discussions you participated in.

We look forward to welcoming you (virtually) to the Youth Summit for Mother Earth!

*The above translations may differ from other Ojibwe, Kanien'kéha and Cree dialects, and reflect the languages shared with and spoken by members in the Youth Circle for Mother Earth's Coordinating Circle and project partners.