Disability Awareness Workshops (DAW)


To educate our youth through the Disability Awareness Workshops to understand the challenges associated with disabilities and to have acceptance and respect for everyone.

About the DAW

The DAW is a one day program to teach students an empathetic understanding of physical, developmental and learning disabilities. The hands on activity based workshop is designed to help the students develop knowledge of not only how difficult and complex daily living can be for individuals with disabilities but also how innovative and resourceful they are at finding solutions.

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DAW In the News!

Students say

"Now that I know more about what some people are going through when I see someone with a disability, ill ask if i want to know instead of judging them just by looking"

" It showed me more about how they feel and understand why they do certain things"

I know someone with a disability. Today the activities changed how I saw and thought of that person. What I'll do differently is care for for people no matter what they are. I had fun"

Teachers say

"A fun environment and a nice way to teach empathy and respect"

"Thank you for a wonderful day. Students took away a lot of understanding from this activity"

The Numbers!

20,640 students and 5,098 parent volunteers have participated in the workshops since 2006

Last year 1,745 students and 2280 Parent volunteers participated in the workshop in 25 schools.