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Clash of Clans: Top 8 tips, cheats and tricks!

If you're not familiar with Clash of Clans Hack, this is a game where gold and elixir resources are used to build forts. However, buildings are dragged and discarded, players like it, and resources are gathered and regularly stored during the day as they sign in. Over time players are creating an army of different types of soldiers. They can be taken on single player missions to raze local goblin settlements, or on neighboring village raiding parties. Other players could likewise raid your place. Don't worry, nothing is permanently lost while some of your gold and elixir may be snatched by adversaries. Through their multiplayer raids, players win and lose trophies to decide rank, and band together in clans to gain even more loot in massive battles between groups.

It sounds easy, but it's much more, and we're here to help!

Save your stars, and be patient

For every casual free-to-play game the main drawback is the premium currency scheme. Just about everything is on some sort of timer, and those timers get longer as you advance. Don't give in and waste your precious gems on accelerating growth. Save them for something you'll get to keep valuable. Make a case for completing the accomplishments and visible natural challenges to create your count of gems. Gems will above all be spent on builders' huts. There's a wide degree of choice about spending on gems after that. Purchasing resources directly from gems is usually a bad use of resources; you 're better off improving your own development buildings.

If you have enough gems, think long and hard about what's important to you in the game, because if you want to get through this without paying a dime, it's going to take a while before you make another big buy. On the flip side, without investing any cash, you'll be having a hard time getting through the competitive end-game content.

If timers have you down, then play and go through a few other games. Both Candy Crush Saga and Simpson Tapped Out offer strong options. A top-ranked Clash player actually went out making his own similar game, Samurai Siege, and Gameloft has a knock-off called Total Conquest on the Rome-themed level. There's also Clash Royale from Supercell, which puts a twist of a card battler on the Clash of Clans universe.

The best defense (and vice versa!) is offense

Your upgrade and build order can differ considerably depending on whether you want to sit back and gather resources or take on other players in the battle. Chances are you'll be switching between these two positions on a regular basis. If security is your primary concern, your town hall, then walls, then defensive structures-first mortar, then archer tower, then cannons, should be your first upgrade. Mortar and air protection are the most critical buildings, so make sure they are close to the center and have plenty of space. Start working on your various resource development buildings after that, and make sure they 're fully updated. Some players happily leave some elixir gatherers and mines outside the walls so that other players can farm them without losing all they have, although it is always sensible to leave lower-priority buildings like those outside the walls so that you can make sure that the important stuff is better covered by overlapping firefields rather than covering a wider area.

Even, note that players with higher level town halls gain less from raiding lower-level players-if you 're playing defensively, don't be in a hurry to upgrade your town hall! Just because you're playing defensively doesn't mean you're supposed to ignore your barracks-in fact, you can queue up troops to practice there, and then get a refund on those in the queue, later turning your barracks into some form of temporary, un-raidable elixir shop.

If you are violent the order would be identical. First build your town hall, then up and run your elixir output so you can start stockpiling resources immediately. Then upgrade your barracks and bases, so that you can start building an army. Neither system provides raiders with tools so feel free to plant them outside of your walls. After that, flesh out your walls and cannons for protection.

The only items left will be the troop upgrade school, the spell factory for additional offensive strength, and the gold mines for structural upgrading. Since matchmaking is focused on trophy count, some players purposely keep theirs low so they can clean up against lower-level players, so be vigilant about your early pick-up fights. Intentionally lose trophies by raiding with a single unit, if you want to farm players who are lower than you.


Getting attacked can suck, but you'll have a 12-hour buffer if 30 percent of your town is lost or your Town Hall crumbles down, fortunately. If you wip out 90 percent of your base, you'll get an additional four hours. How can you bring this time to better use? Yeah, don't go out straight away and start hitting, that's for sure. That would automatically cancel your shield.

Safety time is precious, so use it to your advantage-take some time and find out how you can boost your economy , create your army, update towers (because they don't shoot while upgrading) or just store and invest money before the pain train rolls back. Shields are important enough for you to even want to move your town hall out into the open willingly. You 're going to sacrifice prizes and some money but sometimes it's worth the amount of protection time you get out of it. If you get very itchy for fighting, note that your shield timers don't affect Clan Wars at all.

Make sure your shield timer stays tabs. When it expires, you'll get some more time to strike so others won't be able to target you. The length of this Village Guard varies according to which league you 're in. It's a sweet spot worth capitalizing on whenever the opportunity presents itself.

You can't end up being targeted when you're playing online. If you can keep the game running on your iPhone or iPad all day, it's a simple way to stay safe.

Know the layman's land

Clash of Clans combat 's main strategic strategy is to have as many barriers as possible between your wealth and the outside world. To do this, you'll want to make sure there's no gaps in your perimeter, and make sure there's no spawnable tiles within your foundation. You 're going to want to make sure that the buildings are close together so cannons and other defensive equipment can protect as many as possible.

Putting the buildings into small compartments that are created by improved walls is crucial to delay the advance of an enemy. Piling up several layers of walls makes them more vulnerable to Wall breaker splash damage so be sure to fill cells with buildings. You'll also want the most strong defenses to be located closer to the middle of the base; have as much of a buffer zone as possible with other buildings and walls, so attacking troops need to take longer to chew on other things to get to the weapons. This maximizes the time your defenses operate, and increases your chances of successfully repelling an attack.

Choose your goals

There are a few things you want to know when seeking adversaries before you start dropping troops. Next, look at the height of their Town Hall-if it 's well below yours, you'll get a smaller share of the spoils. You'll get to see just how much plundering tools are available. At the very least you want the money you are wasting on troops to be able to gain back. If resources are what you're after, sending in a handful of goblins and eventually losing the war is always more competitive than winning a full-blown attack that costs tons of resources.

Before deploying the first team, be mindful of the services that you are looking for. If you are trying to ascend the ranks for trophies, you'll need to spend a lot of troops to get two or three stars on your raid. If you want to replenish (or win back) troop money, you'll also want to hit elixir reserves. If you have done that, it's just a matter of applying those resources to the most effective defenses. Using giants to initially draw fire from walls, then bust through wall breakers, then mop up defenses with more giants. Barbarians, wizards, and archers may chew on buildings until areas of cannon and mortar fire have been cleared, while goblins may bee-line for resources. But be careful of how many troops you are bringing in. You want to be able to take a win as soon as possible when burning through.

Know you don't have full influence of your soldiers. Know what are the desired objectives of the unit and deploy accordingly. At the nearest house, the Barbarians will run head-first, which is not great news if there is a well-defended mortar only a bit further in. Send giants and wall breakers in to open new avenues of attack. Smart players can build bases that funnel troops right into areas with a lot of traps that can very easily blunt your offensive.

For police to search

If you've maxed out the level of your Town Hall, progressed through the level of the single player, and restored your castle, you 're probably pretty serious about the game and excited to start playing organized clan. Not only are these fun ways of socializing in the game, but organized attacks can also help you pull in some nice loot hauls.

Bear in mind that while you can use clans to call back-up for both attacks and defence, you'll be required to contribute troops too-after all, it's a team effort. Regularly talk on what you're up to, get suggestions from senior leaders while trying to find out what to do next, and have fun! Your clan may have ambitions to be playing competitive league, which can get very serious.

Move your weight in Clan Wars

First target starred villages because you and your clan have the most to make by fighting them. For the first time in Clan Wars, when you select targets, let the matchmaking game find out a successful opponent for you. If you end up winning against tougher rivals, it can be difficult for your lower-level allies to handle an equal rise in difficulty. If you go for easy ones, then for those lower-level allies, you 're taking away strong rivals, dragging them into fights that they can't win. Punch your weight and the whole clan is triumphant.

Tailor the armies to wars with clans

Before war kicks off you have a whole day to plan. Use the scout feature to get a lay of land for your target enemy city, and build your army around to destroy it. If the walls are low, go ashore. If you don't upgrade the air protection, get the balloons. In your clan chat, make different requests for the types of troops you want to send in. Identifying how you are fighting strengths and weaknesses will help you create the strongest army to take it on.

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Clash of Clans has a surprising amount of complexity for a casual game. If you have some personal tactics to win bigger, quicker and stronger, leave them in the comments, or sing out for support in particularly challenging circumstances.