5 Points to Get Tenants into Your Rental Home Quicker

Tenants set the trends in residential rentals. It is, therefore, prudent to make a home as attractive to the target rental market as possible. This will eliminate any negative views that potential clients might get when considering the offer. It also makes the decision-making process quicker. A well-kept home will attract the right tenant quickly. The tenant will also appreciate the value of the home and put efforts into maintaining it.

There are a few things you can do to improve the prospects of getting a good tenant quickly.

  1. Curb appeal: When a new tenant steps onto your property, what do they see first? The exterior of the building, yard, driveway and walkways, and the garden. Make the first impression count. Keep the garden mature and well-maintained. Include flowers with vibrant colors. Ensure the general front area is clean, tidy and appealing to the eye. Consider using a faux brick wall for the front part of the house to enhance the décor.
  2. Presenting a clean and tidy image is important. This cannot be over-emphasized. Clean and dust all surfaces as required, air the rooms to get rid of space odors and ensure that the fittings and accessories are sparkling clean. As a motivation to encourage the tenant to maintain the same level of cleanliness, you can provide cleaning materials such as mop and bucket, sponge, gloves, and detergent as part of the package.
  3. Confirm that the electrical infrastructure and home electronics are in good working condition. Replace broken appliances. Ensure items such as smoke detectors and burglar alarms have a working battery. Provide plenty of power outlets to minimize loose extensions and daisy chained power strips. Be sure to stay within state laws. For example, get your gas appliances checked and certified every year. Add an extra light at a convenient location such as along the pathway or by the back door.
  4. Offering the home without elaborate furnishing is prudent. This gives the tenant freedom to decorate with items that match their style and preferences. It means there is a shorter inventory being handed over to the tenant. This also means fewer items on your on-going maintenance list. However, do not skip on basic fittings in critical areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. Not only should the available fittings work, but they should also be attractive and easy to use.
  5. Pay attention to two key areas which always attract a look-over from potential tenants; the bathroom and kitchen. These two areas are critical in convincing the tenant. Keep the fittings good looking and functional. Replace tops and face-plates if they seem out of date. Utilize mirrors and lights to strategically enhance the natural brightness of the space in these rooms. Fittings and appliances should match the overall décor and theme so as not to appear as last minute additions.

Having a well-maintained home is an excellent way to ensure occupancy. Every property has unique qualities that can be emphasized to make it more attractive. Focus on those rather that promising something that is not present. Utilize design ideas such as a faux brick wall to improve the appearance. Remember it is important to have professional cleaning services during tenant turnover periods. The service will not only do a thorough cleaning job but will also alert you to potential costs such as appliance replacement and repairs in readiness for your next tenant.