Items Your Movers Won’t Move

When you live in a home, you collect a lot of items for your needs. Many of those items tend to be dangerous in a lot of ways. Those items mainly include cleaning supplies and different solutions which can be hazardous.

So, if there are some potentially hazardous items in your garage, your movers may not agree to load those items into the moving truck. If those garage items can explode in the excessive amount of heat or damage other items in surrounding if spilled, they shouldn’t be packed and loaded into the moving truck.

There are a lot of hazardous items which can be quite dangerous but are not perceived to be harmful. For instance, items like your child’s chemistry set may contain some solutions which shouldn’t be packed along with other items to be placed in the moving truck due to their sensitivity to heat. Similarly, fire extinguishers are used for putting off the fire but these are comprised of elements which can be hazardous.

Batteries are not considered volatile normally but these have the potential to react with the other items placed in the moving truck. So, you should consider other ways to move batteries to the new home.

Most of the people buy cleaning supplies to clean their homes and then never use those items for years. If you haven’t used such items which you had purchased several years ago, now is the good time to get rid of those items before you move to the new home. You can either throw these items away if you are doubtful about their functionality, or you can put them in garage sale.

And then there are a few items which are obviously quite dangerous to be loaded into the moving truck. For instance, you may not want your firearms or firework items to be loaded along with other items into the moving truck. Similarly, the chemicals, which you use to eliminate the pests in your home, are also not safer to be packed and loaded.

The reason for instructing people about not packing and loading these items into the moving truck is not associated with the safety of mover only. Loading such items into the moving truck can bring a liability to you as well.

The prohibited items do not include the hazardous items only. There are some delicate items including artwork, and perishable and frozen foods that you might not like to be loaded into the moving truck. You can either move those foods separately or you can get rid of them if you don’t foresee them being consumed in the future.