Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home Worth More

Boosting the value of your home is never an easy task. It takes time, money, and—when your kitchens covered in plastic tarp weeks of pizza delivery. And with home prices still sliding in many parts of the country, getting a return on your investment is now tougher than ever. Luckily, there is a secret to smart remodeling in a buyer's market: do as much as you can with as little as possible. Whether you just bought a house or you have lived there for a while, the fastest way to increase your home's value is by making a plan. Not only does good landscaping give you the highest return on your money, but it also can literally transform the exterior look and feel of your home. Hire a landscaper to do the job, or do it yourself for some old-fashioned sweat equity. Either way, be sure to turn your front yard into a colorful, floral oasis. You will probably want to focus on the areas that are most important to prospective buyers the exterior, the kitchen, and the bathrooms and skip over frivolous renovations and additions of offices, sun rooms, and master suites.

1. Tidy Up the Siding

A thorough cleaning should be done touching on all the hidden corners. Look behind the cookers and fridges for any dirt and scrub it off. The house should be well organized. All clothing not used should be packed. Pictures on the walls should also be removed as they might hinder some buyers. Generally, a clean and tidy house will make you fetch a better price.

2. Add Fresh Paint

Painting is easy, cheap and will ultimately transform your homes look. It is advisable to have a professional assist with the choice of the best color if you are not sure. Neutral and classic colors are best as too much personalization might put off potential buyers. If you are not comfortable with your painting skills, hire a good painter as there is nothing worse as a house paint poorly done.

3. Revamp the Bathroom

Bathrooms are important to every home owner. They represent privacy, comfort, and self-esteem. New installations like a toilet seat can look very different. Old floors can be replaced with tiles which are easy to install. Chipped tiles will need to be replaced. Replace the old lighting with an energy-saving and friendlier one. Keep it clean. Dirt and grime can become embedded in bathroom surfaces very quickly. Freshen it up with new grout.

4. Add a Kitchen Backsplash

Do a mini-remodel. Change the paint. It sounds simple, but it works. You can also paint a faux-wood finish onto your cabinets. This looks just like cherry. Add a splash of color with a new backsplash. New tile is attractive. Home improvement stores teach classes on this. Hang a pot rack with fresh new pots, pans and a hanging wine bottle holder. With the rolling island, your kitchen will catch every buyer's eye. You can take some of these things with you to your new home.

5. Add a Deck

Adding a deck to the back of your house will greatly increase the value of your home. Your may be thirsty for a makeover. Dirt and old, dead grass does not constitute a yard. Turn your desert landscape into a destination hot spot with plenty of seating, elegant water features and lush plants. You could even add extra square footage for entertaining. Even if you're not in a warm climate, glomming up a not-so-hot yard is a good way to go. Build a sunroom in the back of the house where you have less tree cover and more privacy.