Three Ways To Make Your Gift Wrapping Just As Good As The Gift Inside

Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or just about any occasions, the joy of gift giving is something special in itself. While it is the thought that counts when trying to give a gift to that special person, there is no rule saying that your gift cannot look fabulous and stunning. When wrapping a gift, not many of us pay attention to the wrapping, even though it is the first thing a person sees. If you are wondering how to upgrade your wrapping skills to give someone a gift that is beautiful inside, and out, here are three easy DIY gift wrapping ideas that are sure to make you the most loved one of them all. Whether you are making a small number of candy boxes or one large gift, these tips can surely help you and give you some inspiration.

Nature Themed Wrappings

Gifts that are inspired by nature always have a certain homely feeling to them, and gifts with a wrapping inspired by nature will surely make the person all the more impressed. One of the first things that you need to put together is the color scheme of your gifts. When thinking of something inspired by nature, colors like brown, green and other warm tones are generally what comes to mind. Don’t be afraid to use brown paper to wrap up gifts because it is something that can transform from drab to fab in less than a minute.

To wrap a gift using this theme, wrap up the gift like you normally would do and tie up some string or ribbon across the sides. Fasten the ties with a few accents like pine cones, flowers or any nature-inspired accessory.

Pom It Up

Pom Poms are this season’s hottest craft accessory, and using them to transform your wrappings is a creative way to go. Use the pom poms either as small accents to give you an elegant and beautiful look, or go all out and make your wrapping paper look like 3D polka dots. You can also pair up other accents with the pom poms if you like. Since there is no particular color theme for pom poms, you can go with just about anything that you would like and what you think would look good on your gift.

Pom Poms may be hard to work around with, but with a glue gun in hand, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to stick them onto the paper and use it as you go.

Make It (Color) Pop

Gifts are given in times of joy, and what better way to elevate that feeling than to make your gift look as bright and beautiful as it can be. For a color pop themed gift wrapping, you can either go with a single color scheme and work around that or go with a full spectrum of the rainbow. To wrap something in this particular style, start by cutting out shapes in colored paper that you will then have to stick to your main sheet. This is probably one of the easiest ways to customize a gift wrapping, and can also be an excellent activity for the little ones to partake in. Color Pop boxes are also brilliant if you are thinking of putting candy in them and making them look like cute little candy boxes.