Join Us

Enrolment Day

Join Us For Academic Year 2019/2020

Saturday 14th December 2019

open between 3.00pm and 4.00pm

*A joining fee of £10.00 is due payable by New Students at point of Enrolment

Taster Week

We're opening our doors to NEW perspective students for one week.

Monday 9th December - Saturday 14th December 2019

Book a place in any session throughout our Taster Week and come along to join in the fun and see what training at Young Stars School Of Dance is all about.

POLICY 2019 / 2020


To provide a safe, friendly, professional environment allowing all our students to grow, develop and nurture within their performing arts training.

YSSOD does not discriminate students with regards to race, ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation. Age and disability are disregarded at all times and additional support will be provided where necessary.

To not allow individuals to come and watch sessions while your child is training unless invited by appointment.

To allow each individual the opportunity to observe progression and identify corrections through use of photos and videos within class.

Hands on corrections are a vital part of dance training, allowing our students to develop an understanding of body posture, correct body placement, lines and technique.

To allow creativity, artistry and imagination throughout their training.

To welcome them to the Young Stars School Of Dance FAMILY.


To commit and attend regular weekly classes.

Notify staff of absences.

To pay fees at the start of the first session of every month.

To equip your child with the regulation Uniform and Footwear necessary for classes.

To allow progression and gratification through the grades and syllabus frameworks allowing individuals to move up in classes through examination achievements.

To support your child and school in our annual summer show.

To not allow your child to showcase, record or teach any persons, school, club competitor ANY work taught at YSSOD without the written permission of the principal.

To pay for any damages to property or equipment that is of personal fault.

What I need to know...


Come along to one of our Enrolment Evenings.

We hold two Enrolment Evenings a year to start in both TERM ONE and TERM TWO.

Unfortunately, out of general respect and etiquette of other training providers we DO NOT accept pupils who attend classes elsewhere.

Joining Fee

£10.00 per person is due at point of enrolment (inclusive of VAT at current 20% rate). This fee is then funded by the school each consecutive academic year that enrolment follows. Please note the fee will only be repayable after cancellation of initial enrolment and you are looking to rejoin.


Class Fees

Session breakdown cost:

  • £9.00 - 120mins
  • £4.50 - 60mins
  • £4.00 - 45mins
  • £3.50 - 30mins

(Private Tuition is charged at £5.00 per 15mins)


Monthly Invoices - issued at the end of the month, ahead of the forthcoming months classes.


Due payable at the START of the first class of the month.

Surcharge of 10% is added to late payments



Exempt sessions in advance of known absence and dont get charged.

Deadline: 22nd of the month prior to forthcoming months invoice.


Exemption for a date in November needs to be handed in by the 22nd of October.


A letter in writing must be acknowledged to Young Stars School Of Dance by the 22nd of the months prior to the issue of the forthcoming months invoice.

Any cancellations acknowledged after the 22nd will therefore be charged.Failure to pay will result in solicitors being contacted and legal proceedings to begin.
We DO NOT tolerate any aggressive behaviour / physical or verbal abuse to any members of staff. Enrolment will be seized immediately without notice and result in permanent withdrawal from the school. The principals decision is final