Club Structure

Board Members and Governance Document

PResident: Warren Weissbluth

Warren Weissbluth is the current President of the Young Investors Club. Warren is 17 years old. Warren attends Jones College Prep in Chicago IL. Warren has been with the club, working with Jack, since the 2nd round of investors. Warren worked side by side with Jack and Josh to expand the club to 90+ members during the 3rd and 4th round on investing right before Jack and Josh went off to college. Warren was in an administrative position starting his freshman year and became the President by his junior year.

Administrative Director (AD): Abby Fisher

Abby Fisher is from Scarsdale, New York and is 15 years old. She is proud of her determination. Her goals are to help expand her knowledge on the world of investment and to help others do so too. She is a very organized person and good at keeping track of what she needs to. She does not have much experience, but she is willing to learn more.

Media and technology director (md): Lilly []

Lilly is ...

Previous PresideNT and Sole-Founder of the Club: Jack Rosenthal

Jack Rosenthal is the Founder and President of the Young Investors Club, LLC. Jack currently attends Hackley School in Tarrytown NY.

pREVIOUS vICE-President: Josh Fisher

Josh Fisher is currently the Vice-President of the young Investors Club. Josh currently attends Scarsdale High-school in Scarsdale NY.