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This image placed fourth in the FCCC Annual Monochrome Contest of 2015. Awards are given for the first three places.

this product shot of a Williams pear leaves space to the left for copy. The surface effect is achieved by using Photoshop's Surface Blur.

This shot was from the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. It has just finished raining (a little). This image placed first in the FCCC Annual Monochrome contest for 2014.

The base shot is taken with a nine stop nuetral density filter to get the silky water at the Tiger Land at he Jax Zoo. There was a fence in the background so I replaced it with an image from Needmore Land horse ranch in Fruit Cove. The critters were inserted from other images at the zoo.

This is a great-crested flycatcher. He was perched on my kitchen window.

This tricolored heron is near the peak of his matting plumage. Just could not get a better angle on the head.

I named this Asahi Lotus. Asahi is Japanese for rising sun. This was off center because I was trying to capture a koi on the left side. Never got the right koi. This won first in the JCC Annual Print Contest (general category). It was printed as a 10/8 —small to retain sharpness.

This was a grab shot at a session of the JCC LPIG. I added the blue light in post.

This was shot out my front window. The female hummer was going through a series of stretches.

This young raccoon was on the wall near my front door.

Shot at the Dudley farm. I can remember if this was a tobacco barn. I added the chewing tobacco sign on the side.

This is a foggy morning shot of Mandarin

This is a HDR pano of the Jacksonville waterfront from the Friendship fountain area.

Candid shot of Brian Leonard, the chair of the lPIG program during a session.

I was shooting these manatees from a dock in the St. Johns River some years ago. I did not see this infant until I reviewed the images. Pure luck.

Orange-almond-blueberry muffin. Do you want the recipe?

Blue light on the St. Johns

He always wears these iridescent colored shirts. Now he has an iridescent orange Corvette.

Strange combination of light and mist


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