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Wholesale CBD

We are You know cbd oil! We are passionate about cannabinoid education. We specialize in high quality Cannabidiol (CBD) products.

We have distributors all around the country that sell CBD products. Our distributors sell in retail establishments and host at home cannabis parties to educate the public, about CBD, and hemp.

We call our distributors "YOU KNOWS WHO KNOWS!!" because they are on a mission to see that every one in America Knows about the wonderful affects of CBD and hemp.

When you join the Youknowcbd team, you will join a nationwide force. Trained on the specifics of cannabis ,CBD & Hemp. Becoming a You Know who Knows means You Know the medicinal power of cannabis. Once you have signed up to become a distributor, you will receive a training material and sales kit. As you become You Know knowledgeable about cannabis, you know will educate those in need and change lives.

Training material included

  • You Know Wholesale price list
  • You Know CBD Education Guide
  • You know CBD Sales Guide
  • You Know CBD Usage Guide
  • You Know CBD Dosage Guide
  • Educational links
  • Monthly updates on the You Know CBD program

You will be a resource for your community to purchase hemp and CBD products. Many customers will continue to purchase products from you. As a You Know Who Knows you will earn 35% – 60% on the sale of these products or you may choose to sell at any price you wish it is your business. Once you have signed up to become a You Know Who Knows, you will also receive a sales kit. The sales kit and training materials are 12 bottle , 24 bottle and 48 bottle kits after completing our training.

Sales Kit Includes

  • 12 or 24 or 48 30ML Tincture bottles.
  • 1 three tier acrylic display case
  • You Know CBD Stickers
  • You Know CBD Brochures

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