From the top of your head to the tips of your toes - you are a miracle! Billions and billions of processes are happening in your body right now and you are not even aware of them.

You are more than an animal - you can think, speak, dream, pray and create. The very fact that you can read these words means that you are able see, read, process information and form opinions - you are a miracle!

On a larger scale, our earth is perfectly designed to sustain life. Some say that this is the result of trillions of accidents and evolution. Think about all of the "coincidences" that had to happen for us to be here on earth- our distance from the sun leaves in livable temperature and radiation levels; the perfect atmosphere around us contains all the elements and processes we need to be able to breathe; just the right gravitational pull from just the right revolution of the earth which does not crush us or let us float away; these and millions more conditions are not accidents.

God made the world around us, and he made us. We are not accidents, we are miracles made by God.

We were made to interact with God and to interact with the people that God has put into our lives. You see, if we view ourselves and those around us as just animals or accidents it is easy to devalue life and relationships. If we think of someone as just an evolved life form we are de-humanizing them and we are not viewing them with the respect and value that a miracle deserves. Of course, the same can be said for how we view ourselves. If we think of ourselves as less than a miracle then we question our meaning and value.

It is not uncommon for the thought to pass through our minds that we are not valuable and that our life has no meaning. When we view ourselves as accidents who live in an accidental world then that negative mindset is easy to develop. When we realize that we were made on purpose for a purpose then we view our relationships and abilities in a different light.

We are not just here on earth to fill space, God has given us opportunities to affect those around us positively. Our attitudes, words and actions matter. We have the daily opportunity to build others up or tear them down.

The fact that at this moment you are having an emotional reaction to what I have written proves that you are more than just an accidental animal. At this moment you are either upset, intrigued or confused. Part of you wants to believe that you are a valuable miracle and part of you is comfortable with how you have seen yourself and others for many years.

Please explore the pages of this website to see and hear about how God made us and why God made us. I pray that as you find out more about God, the world around and yourself you will take steps of faith toward God and the person he made you to be.

Miraculously Yours,

Pastor James