You Can't Make This Shit Up!

(Unbelievable -- yet true -- stories from the real estate community.)

Welcome to You Can't Make This Shit Up.*

Daily I hear stories from my real estate professional friends who experience some of the most bizarre shit. They range from hilarious and heart-warming, to heart-breaking and downright chilling. These are the stories from the real estate community (agents, inspectors, lenders, escrow and title officers), who make the whole home-buying process happen.

(The stories are told either as a blog / vlog or recorded and transcribed. Names and any details that might divulge "stage" locations or its "actors" have been changed.)

*A note about the name: For over a year I thought about how people might accept the name of this endeavor, and whether it might offend too many. While on my "interviews," drumming up ideas with my close set of associates, I always got a deep and guttural laugh when I conveyed the name. I'd ask them whether I should keep the name, and the answer was always the same. So, there you have it. If you're offended by the usage of the slang, I offer my apologies, but I hope you get can get over it long enough to enjoy the content.

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