Welcome to the Yorkshire Korfball Association website! You can find details below of how to contact each of our member clubs.

If you have any other questions, email us directly! yorkshirekorfball@gmail.com

The Executive Committee for 2018/19 are:

  • Chair - Kat Brothwell (Leeds City)
  • League Coordinator - Chris Hughes (Leeds City)
  • Treasurer - Graham Smith (Leeds City)

Meet our clubs

Leeds Beckett University

Two teams, one in YL1 and one in YL2.


Leeds City

Based in Leeds. They have four teams, ranging from CERL1 to YL2.


Sheffield City

Based in Sheffield.

They have two teams, one in CERL1 and their 2s in YL2.


Sheffield Hallam University

A hugely competitive club. Four teams, with one in YL1 and three in YL2.



Based in Sheffield. They have three teams. One in CERL1 , one in YL1 and another in YL2. They will represent Yorkshire in the EKL Promotion Division in 2018/19 after finishing 3rd in CERL1.


University of Leeds

Long-standing student club with strong ties to Leeds City. Their first team have recently been promoted to CERL2.

Three teams, ranging from CERL2 to YL2.


University of Sheffield

Our most successful student club.

They have three teams, ranging from CERL2 to YL2.


Northern Storm continue to play in Yorkshire League 1 this year as part of their development whilst the North-East continues to grow.

We've got three new clubs starting in Yorkshire ! One each based in Bradford, Huddersfield and York. None of them will be playing in the league in 2018/19 as they get set up and get more people enjoying korfball!