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About Dennis Wong

Entrepreneur, health expert, and businessman Dennis Wong has enjoyed a level of success that others only dream about. His success came as the result of dedication to the ideals of hard work, but he also credits good fortune and luck as components of his achievements. Dennis is the founder and President of the multi-national health products company YOR Health, based in Irvine, California. The company specializes in natural products that help others achieve improved health and wellbeing.

The Early Years

Dennis Wong, the co-founder of YOR Health, is a native of Hong Kong. Growing up, he and his family often struggled to make ends meet while living in crowded conditions with other poor families. In 1968, he and his family had the opportunity to relocate to the United States, where they were able to make a fresh start. The family did continue to face financial challenges, but Dennis and his sister began to overcome those challenges when they were mentored by a group of wealthy real estate investors.

Entering the real estate industry, Dennis and his sister were able to become overnight successes. Their next venture was an Internet services company in California, which grew rapidly and achieved a stable financial support system in a matter of a few years. The stress of managing a fast-growing company was taking its toll, however, and Dennis found himself needing to evaluate his lifestyle and the health conditions he had developed as a result of his neglect.

YOR Health

After experiencing his own failing health at the young age of 40, Dennis Wong knew that he needed to assess his future carefully. He made a commitment to explore healthy alternatives, and learned that drastic changes must be made to save his own life and the lives of others. By chance, he met one of the cofounders of a successful nutritional supplements manufacturer, and the idea for a company took shape. He knew that through hard work, education, and guidance, he could help others achieve balance in their busy lives, and YOR Health was born.

YOR Health and its network of YOR Health Promoters specialize in the development and retailing of proprietary health and nutritional products. Each product the company makes is carefully evaluated by scientific and athletic advisory groups and backed by scientific studies to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. YOR Health’s independent representatives work directly with a global client base. Each company Promoter is assisted by a proven business model and the support of a team that is dedicated to success.

The Live Bare Movement

Dennis and YOR Health created the Live Bare Movement, a framework that balances entrepreneurship and healthy lifestyles. A huge part of the Movement is in educating others on healthy life choices, including instruction and guidance in using the many natural products produced by YOR Health. Promoters can then assist others in attaining improved health while earning income from several avenues.

YOR Health produces a wide range of natural, additive-free, and health-promoting products, including essential oils, nutritional supplements, and body care products. The company and its global team of Promoters help others achieve healthy lifestyles free of the contaminants and harsh chemicals found in traditional products. YOR Health transformed Dennis and his life, and he is committed to helping others improve their own lives with his work and his company’s carefully-developed products.