"Every second is of infinite value."

J. W. Von Goethe

YONI Solutions is a start-up that believes it is possible to reduce the risk of Vaginal Recurrent Infections, improve the outcomes of In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF) procedures, having a healthier pregnancy through the vaginal microbiome.

Our Mission


With the evolution of society, women tend to become pregnant later and, most importantly, do not want to lose their time.

Recent studies reveal a link between the vaginal microbiome and fertility, suggesting that having the right microbiome improves the outcome of Assisted Reproductive Treatments such as in-vitro Fertilisation.

Our goal is to bring these findings to everyone, and help you to re-balance your microbiome to the equilibrium that is unique to you.

Recurrent Vaginal Infections

The healthy vaginal microbiome is different in each woman. Recurrent infections are linked to a microbiome that is out of balanced.

We believe in re-balancing your vaginal microbiome, to prevent vaginal infections from recurring.

YONI Solutions includes vaginal microbiome tests to measure where your microbiome is, and the probiotic to bring it where it should be!

Organisation and Team

We are a team dedicated to improving women's health through the development of personalized microbiome solutions.

Dr Virginia Franco


MD, Gynecologist.

Specialised in Genital Tract Pathologies an Menopause

"After reviewing studies surrounding the microbiome, personally performing the screening and treatment of genital infections, my conviction of studying the vaginal microbiome in details has only grown. I believe we can achieve more in this environment if we understand better how it works.

Studying the vaginal flora may, not only optimizes the treatment of infectious diseases, but also allow us to understand why they arise, what happens when they happen repetitively and present resistance to treatments. In addition, today we have numerous studies that point out how the vaginal microbiota may be linked to endometrial microbiota and how both can influence the outcome of female infertility treatments, increase the success of In Vitro Fertilization procedures and decrease the rates of treatment of infections during pregnancy, with more study, I personally think we can improve those informations even more.

The benefits of studying vaginal microbiome in the face of new technologies only increases and there is no reason not to try to do the best for women around the world. What kind of bacterias may be linked to reproductive tract that have not been seen yet? How are those ones linked to infertility? What should we demonstrate to improve the probiotics develop and make it a trustful reality? "

Dr Paulo Refinetti


PhD, Statistician.

Specialised in Analytical Techniques and Epidemiology

"A science is only as good as the precision of its measurement tools!" I therefore dedicated my life to developing new measurement tools, and improving the precision of existing ones.

To understand the human microbiome, find links with health and disease, as well as develop solutions we need better measurement tools.

Empowering couples to have children when they want, should be a fundamental capacity of our civilisation. I believe that through better measurements, can we achieve this goal. Which is why I decided to put my technical knowledge and ability to manage scientific teams into YONI.

info@yonisolutions.ch | Rte. de l'Ile-aux-Bois 1a, 1870 Monthey, Switzerland

Dr Franco Vicariottto


MD, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

Scientific Advisory Board of IPA (International Probiotics Association)

Member of Italian Society of Menopause

Dr Nilton de Araujo

Scientific Advisor

MD, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

Member of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging

Forensic Scientist

Dr Mariya Skvortsova

Scientific Advisor

PhD, Molecular Biology

Specialised in Microbiology and Plant Biology.

Vincent KELLER


Specialised in Business Development and Transformation

Percevent DUCREST

Life Science Engineer

Quality and Regulatory Affairs