Guest editor

  1. Travel Behaviour & Society Special Issue on post-pandemic mobility (August 2021-current)

Professional membership

  1. Standing Committee on Effects of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on Travel Choices (AEP35), Transportation Research Board (04/15/2022-04/14/2025)

  2. Board member, Academy of Urban Health (2022-current)

  3. Committee on Future Cities, Urban Design Institute of Korea (UDIK, 2021-22)

  4. International Association of Travel Behavior Research (IATBR, 2018-current)

  5. American Association of Geographers (AAG, 2017-current)

  6. Transportation Research Board (TRB, 2016-current)

  7. Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP, 2014-current)

University of Hong Kong

  1. Management team, Master of Arts in Transportation policy and planning (MATPP, 2021-current)

  2. Deputy chairperson, Policy subcommittee, Institute of Transport Studies (ITS, 2021-current)

  3. Teaching committee, Department of Geography (2020-current)

Georgia Institute of Technology

  1. Reviewer, President’s Undergraduate Research Awards (PURA, Spring 2020)

  2. Ph.D. Committee, School of City and Regional Planning (2016–17)

  3. Transportation Faculty Search Committee, School of City and Regional Planning (2014–15)