We MUST stand on the shoulders of CS.

Welcome to Computational Sociology

The recent development of computational techniques, such as automated text analysis and natural language processing, and the availability of big data spur the emergence of computational social science. Sociologists are one step behind, but we do realize this lagged situation and attempt to address this issue by encouraging more students to learn basic programing skills, such as R, python, and java.

But this is not enough. We should also embrace the advancement of the infrastructure provided by Google Cloud Service and Amazon Web Service. These big tech companies provide amazing clouding computing, data storage, machine learning engine (tensorflow), etc., which allow sociologists to do many fantastic job.

Google Bigquery provides massive big data related to sociology. One example should be Global Database of Events, Language, and Tones. The GDELT Project captures worldwide newspaper's coverage on protest, conflict events. It is a good place to start looking at media coverage of social movements. Another example is Github data. GitHub is home to the largest community of open source developers in the world, with over 12 million people contributing to 31 million projects on GitHub since 2008. Google Bigqeury hosts one 3TB+ dataset comprising the largest released source of GitHub activity to date with a full snapshot of the content of more than 2.8 million open source GitHub repositories including more than 145 million unique commits, over 2 billion different file paths, and the contents of the latest revision for 163 million files. It is a good place to examine how programmers collaborate.

My computational skills: webscraping, topic modeling, text mining, machine learning

Python: BeautifulSoup, Pandas, NLTK, TextBlob, scikit-learn, StatsModel, gensim, matplotlib, etc.

R: RNetlogo (ABMs), simecol, stm, topicmodels, tidyverse, tm, ctm, RTextTools, sna, igraph, network, ergm, rmarkdown, etc.

Others: GIT, STATA, Scala, SQL, MongoDB, QGIS with python, Latex, etc.