Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto authorized the formation of a volunteer Search and Rescue Team within the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office. The “Yolo County Search and Rescue Team” (YCSAR) is a volunteer group that will assist the department in search and rescue operations within Yolo County and the State of California as needed. The YCSAR will be utilized to assist with search operations including searches by ground, air and water.

YCSAR will be utilized to conduct searches in all types of different environments from city streets to rugged rural mountainous terrain. A typical wilderness search is for a hiker that has not returned. Family member or friend reports the missing person to the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office. Within an hour of getting the call from the Sheriff’s Office, personnel and volunteer will be sent to the scene starting a search. Most searches resolve within 8–12 hours but some may continue on for 48–72 hours or longer. YCSAR members are volunteers and come to searches when they can, but family and work come first. Each volunteer commits personal time and money to serve on the team. Members may spend up $1,000.00 on personal equipment and uniforms.

Please consider donating to our non-profit, 501(c)(3) team. Your donations help us fund our activities such as specialized search and rescue training courses, medical training, equipment procurement, and mission-specific supplies (perishables, light sticks, batteries, etc.) Your donation supports search and rescue missions conducted by Yolo County Search and Rescue. As a non-profit organization, search and rescue operations are dependent on funding donations from private individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, volunteer members and the support of the Sheriff’s office.

For information about donations, you can email our Treasurer at

Mail contributions to: YoloSAR, 140 Tony Diaz Drive, Woodland, CA 95695