Closing the Bones

A Nurturing Postnatal Massage Ceremony for Women

We offer nurturing Closing the Bones Ceremonies to our postnatal women which:

· supports a woman's recovery after childbirth

· is a way to celebrate the amazing abilities of her body

· and a way to create a moment of stillness

· and of meditative peace and reflection in the rollercoaster of emotions of new motherhood.

What is it?

Closing the bones is a postnatal hip massage from Ecuador which involves using a rebozo to rock and bind the mother's hips, together with a massage of the abdomen and hips with very specific movements and a special warming oil. It is designed to help return a new mother to her centre, both physically and energetically.

For further information or bookings contact:

Anna on: or call/text: 07737996563

We offer lovely gift vouchers for this special massage. This makes an ideal gift to a new mother.