Baby Yoga

Connect with your baby through movement and touch

Baby Massage and Yoga complement each other. The energetic and stimulating Yoga exercises are a great follow-on from the massage and provide a number of benefits for babies and parents. Baby Yoga builds on Baby’s physical and mental development and aids brain development, a sense of co-ordination, balance and sensory and motor skills.

We start our sessions with some gentle postnatal stretches for parents which are followed by a warm up for babies. We then practice Baby Yoga, which combines gentle stretches with nursery rhymes so it is lots of fun for babies and their parents. We finish each class with refreshments and there is plenty of time to make new friends.

The Baby Yoga course lasts 5 weeks and will help develop your baby's neural development, sensory motor skills, balance and co-ordination. Baby Yoga is suitable from 10 weeks onwards.


  • Helps develop muscle coordination
  • Promotes body awareness
  • Encourages neural and brain development
  • Enhances communication with each other
  • Improves sleep patterns and helps settle Baby
  • Enhances interaction with other babies
  • Improves digestion and provides relief for colicky babies
  • Parents and babies can relax and have fun together
  • Improves emotional and intellectual development
  • Stimulates all the senses
  • Gentle postnatal stretches and relaxation for parents

What to wear:

Loose, comfortable clothes for you and your baby.

What to bring:

I provide mats, cushions, blankets, sensory toys and welcome packs with the full yoga routine.