Rachael Lammas

I have attended both the pregnancy yoga and baby massage ran by Anna! I must say I thoroughly enjoyed both classes, and Anna herself is so lovely and welcoming! I started pregnancy yoga when I was 14 weeks pregnant and continued through until I was full term, this is definitely a reflection of how much I enjoyed the classes, they were really relaxing after a long day at work and it was lovely to meet lots of other expectant mums. My baby girl really enjoyed baby Massage and yoga, the massage techniques have helped relax her during her bedtime routine, and she really enjoyed the signing during the class. Thank you Anna, I'm sure we'll be back onto another course sometime soon

Tracey Williams Allred

I did pregnancy yoga, baby massage and post-natal yoga with Anna. What a huge difference it made to me! She's a kind and patient class leader who really listens and adapts if you can't manage any of the moves. It was lovely to have somewhere I could go to do yoga after giving birth but also have my baby there with me and feed her if she needed it. The classes are so relaxed, I'd highly recommend them and Anna as a teacher.

Gail Smith

I have attended Anna pregnancy yoga classes and also baby yoga. Anna is really lovely the classes are small and friendly and I got a lot out of both classes. The pregnancy one really helped with my labour. Managed in 4 hours with only gas and air and sure that was down to breathing and relaxing as guided by Anna. Would definitely recommend both classes.

Karina Clapham

I took Anna's pregnancy yoga class with both my pregnancies.

I really enjoyed the sessions and always left feeling like I'd given myself time to really relax and focus on myself. The yoga was gentle with a lovely relaxation session at the end, and Anna has such a relaxing voice I often fell asleep during this! Anna is so friendly and welcoming. The classes also gave me a chance to meet other mums. They always began with each person introducing themselves and when I did the morning group, we often used to go for coffee afterwards.

Monique Chapman

We did pregnancy yoga, baby massage, baby yoga and post natal yoga. All sessions were great and massage is still a big part of our post bath routine. Anna is so welcoming and helpful, and both me and my daughter made some great friends. Thank you Anna

Alison Staples

I just finished my pregnancy yoga with Anna and I loved it. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and felt that Anna's classes really helped me through the labour, especially the golden thread breath.

Madeleine Viitmaa

I attended the pregnancy yoga, baby massage and baby yoga classes and absolutely loved them. Anna is a very calming person and I felt comfortable in her classes and everyone was really lovely too. I still use some of the baby yoga routines and baby massage with my 18 month old and I will be booking her classes in the future with my next child.

Tammy Stevenson

I did pregnancy yoga with Anna. It was very relaxing and the breathing techniques were great. After my baby was born I did baby massage, baby yoga and postnatal yoga. These were brilliant classes where I learnt a lot and also met some fantastic mummies who I am now good friends with!

Anya Bellinger

We did postnatal yoga, baby massage, and baby yoga with Anna. Needless to say we were hooked! Anna is such a lovely person who's always very welcoming and brought many of us mums together.

Claire O'Connell

I did Anna's pregnancy yoga classes and looked forward to every week! She creates a wonderfully calming environment and the exercises are perfect for beginners or the more experienced.

Charlotte Paxman

I have attended Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Post Natal Yoga and have enjoyed every single course! Anna is so lovely, makes you feel so welcome and relaxed. Her courses are very well run and a lot of fun, informative and very supportive as a new mum! I would whole heartedly recommend Anna and all her courses! Thank you so much Anna!

Terri Beany

Definitely recommend pregnancy yoga, especially if you have a a busy life/working full time as it made sure I put some time aside for me and baby. Helped hugely with the labour and birth - thanks Anna the classes were fab