Welcome to Yoga Curious

There are a huge amount of people who have pondered the idea of Yoga but have never quite got along to a session. The reasons for this are varied but often really have nothing to do with Yoga itself...

Some of the more interesting explanations we've heard are :

  • Yoga is for hippies and canvas bag people, I'm just not like that
  • All those practicing Yoga are vegan or vegetarian or gluten intolerant, not my kind of people
  • All those involved with Yoga are slim, not an accurate description of me
  • Isn't Yoga attached to religion, Hindus or something... all the pictures I see are of people outside temples
  • I can't see how just getting into what look like painful positions can really help me
  • I know absolutely nothing about it I'm going to look like an idiot
  • If I tell my family I'm doing Yoga they'll think I've lost my trolley
  • Maybe if I knew a bit more about it... I might come along if everyone else was in the same boat