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The McAfee software purchased from the store consists of a physical card or e-card for the activation process with 25-digit code in it, The activation key is alphanumeric.

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The McAfee software purchased from the store consists of a physical card or e-card for the activation process with 25-digit code in it the activation key is alphanumeric. If you got a new Microsoft Windows PC, and you find McAfee preinstalled in it there is a different procedure to activate you McAfee software on the preinstalled PC. While activating your 25-digit key it is recommended to use or register with your email address for the activation process even McAfee recommends the same because if you happen to change your password in future McAfee will send the new password link to the email id that was used to register the McAfee product. If you are not able to activate the key while following the guidelines you need to contact the McAfee customer service so that they can take you further with the activation process of McAfee product.

Activate User McAfee - How to activate a McAfee product subscription with a retail card.

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Detailed steps for the McAfee product activation.

  • Open any web browser that you are using and go to the link given on the retail card or

  • In the upper right corner click on Account.

  • Hover to redeem your retail card and click on it.

  • Now type the activation code that is on the retail card you purchased and submit it.

  • Type your Email address for the registration and click next.

  • Now select you country & language to continue.

  • If prompted confirm your Email address is correct, If your email address is incorrect go to previous page and correct it.

  • Now click on verify.

  • your subscription is now activated.

  • Follow the onscreen instruction for creating an account and install McAfee Software.

How to Activate the preinstalled McAfee product on Microsoft Windows PC.

Steps for new interface

  • Open McAfee software on your Microsoft Windows PC.

  • Click on the gear icon.

  • Hover to My Info and click My Account.

  • Now you will be directed to McAfee website to continue the activation process.

  • Follow the steps given below to continue.

Steps for legacy windows interface

  • Open McAfee software.

  • On the right side click on My Info tab.

  • Now go to My Account.

  • You will be directed to McAfee website now.

  • Follow the below steps to continue the process.

  • After entering the McAfee website enter you Email address and continue by clicking Next.

  • If you already have an account. Login as you usually do.

  • If you don't have an account create a new one with strong password then click Next.

  • Follow the prompts if any to complete the process of activation.

  • If you see any error while activating the McAfee software contact McAfee customer support.

  • When the activation process is complete verify the subscription.

      • On the right bottom of your Desktop right click on McAfee icon next to clock and click on verify subscription.

      • Now wait till it syncs you software and subscription information.

Note: If you see any error with the above method you need to contact McAfee customer support and provide them with the error code you received while activating the McAfee product.

Hope this Document helps you with the Activation Of your McAfee product.