YMBA Learning Workbooks

Important Topics Designed For Ages 11 to 18

  • The YMBA Business Textbook and partner Workbook include foundational ideas in Marketing, Finance, and Accounting.

  • The Business Math workbook includes topics such as how to compute interest rates, sale prices, discounts, and ideas that consider summary costs, expenses, taxes and beyond.

  • Each learning workbook includes topic-based lesson pages to explain concepts along with a worksheet to help apply, reinforce, and retain these key concepts. A focus on engaging examples and worksheet designs that tween and teen students enjoy while developing the skills to apply the ideas. Includes an end of book certificate, quiz, and answer key.

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A teen business learning workbook includes topic-based lesson pages to explain concepts followed on the next page by a worksheet to help apply and retain these key concepts. The lesson examples are fun and successfully capture the interest of the student. Topics in this workbook include: computing interest rates, determining sale prices, applying discounts, expenses, costs, car loans, taxes, and more! Business skills are utilized in every industry and enjoying this series aids the student in applying business and life skills that are essential for future success. So why wait? Learn with Y.M.B.A. today.

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Consumer Math

Why choose YMBA?

Topics designed for high school, college, and life success provide a foundation of for necessary skills and ideas to better enable an informed understanding for decisions.

What is the YMBA Advantage?

Learning workbooks are designed with a lesson page followed by a skill application page to maintain student engagement and fun examples to increase learning enjoyment.

Low Prices To Reach More Students

The workbook prices are offered at very low prices with the goal of assisting many students as everyone deserves to understand business and financial topics.

Based in the USA. Engaging students 12 to 17 for future career and life success.

What Y.M.B.A. Parents Say:

"Thank you for giving my family a way to teach real-life topics that are useful. Finally learning lessons that my daughter ​can see as a useful skill for her future!"

"Interesting material, a nice experience working with my son. Wonderful to see his interest in completing the drawing ​board lessons. Convenient when we travel."

YMBA Learning Workbooks 2022