Yi Xiong(熊旖)

PhD CandidateDepartment of Statistics and Actuarial ScienceSimon Fraser UniversityEmail: yi_xiong@sfu.ca


Simon Fraser University, Canada

    • PhD in Statistics, Sep. 2015-

Simon Fraser University, Canada

    • M.Sc in Statistics, Sep. 2012-Jan. 2015

Simon Fraser University, Canada

    • B.Sc in Dual Degree Program of Computing Science (with Distinction), Sep. 2007-April. 2012

Zhejiang University, China

    • B.Eng in Dual Degree Program of Computing Science, Sep. 2007-April. 2012


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  • Xiong, Y., Braun, W. J., and Hu, X. J. Estimating Duration Distribution from Data with Missing Time Origin. (submitted)
  • Xiong, Y., Bingham, D., Braun, W. J., and Hu, X. J. (2018). Moran’s I statistic-based nonparametric test with spatio-temporal observations. Journal of Nonparametric Statistics,1-24.
  • Guo, L., Xiong, Y., and Hu, X.J. Estimation under Cox Cure Model with Covariates Missing Not at Random, with Application to Disease Screening/Prediction. Canadian Journal of Statistics. (revision submitted)
  • Bina, B., Schulte, O., Crawford, B., Qian, Z., and Xiong, Y. (2013). Simple decision forests for
  • multi-relational classification. Decision Support Systems, 54(3), 1269-1279.
  • Schulte, O., Bina, B., Crawford, B., Bingham, D., and Xiong, Y. (2013). A hierarchy of independence assumptions for multi-relational Bayes net classifiers. In Computational Intelligence and Data Mining (CIDM), 2013 IEEE Symposium on (pp. 150-159). IEEE.