Yishu Miao

I'm the Co-founder & CEO of MO Intelligence.

I did my PhD with Prof. Phil Blunsom in the Machine Learning & NLP research group at University of Oxford.

During my PhD, I have been working on deep generative models, neural variational inference and the corresponding applications for NLP. Recently, I'm focusing on natural language grounding and machine learning in robotics.

Prior to Oxford, I did my master on Data Mining, working with Prof. Chunping Li at Tsinghua University.

Email: mail [-at-] ymiao.me

Work Experiences:

Research Intern at DeepMind. Mar - Aug, 2017

Research Intern at DeepMind. May - Oct, 2016

Professional Activities:

Workshop Organization: Learning to Generate Natural Language (LGNL) at Sydney Australia, ICML 2017.

Program Committee Member:

ICML 2019/2018, NIPS 2018/2017, ACL 2019/2018/2017/2016, ICLR 2018/2017, EMNLP 2018/2017/2016


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