Yimin Tang

 USC PhD Student

而你,  我的朋友, 你活在一个更大的夜之城里, 我向你respect

And you, my friend, live in a much bigger Night City, I give you 敬礼


University of Southern California (2023.8 - Now )

Doctor of Philosophy, Computer ScienceViterbi School of EngineeringAdvisor: Prof. Sven Koenig

Carnegie Mellon University (2021.8 - 2023.8

Master of Science in Robotics Robotics InstituteMaster Thesis: Solving Multi-Agent Target Assignment and Path Finding with a Single Constraint TreeAdvisor: Prof. Katia Sycara and Prof. Jiaoyang Li 

ShanghaiTech University  ( 2016.9 - 2020.7 )

B.E in Computer Science and TechnologyThe School of Information Science and Technology(SIST)Undergraduate Thesis: 《使用生成对抗网络从人脸到动漫的风格转换》 (指导老师: 何旭明“Convert People Face to Cartoon Using Three-Stage GAN” (Advisor: Xumin He)

Work Experience

Software Engineer, Microsoft  ( 2020.7 - 2021.8 )

AzureStack Storage Team, Shanghai


Soccer Project

The simple morphology (right) is working.
Training spider now......
Recruiting people to join this project ......

Solving Multi-Agent Target Assignment and Path Finding with a Single CBS Tree (MRS 2023 Best Paper Candidate)

Yimin Tang, Zhongqiang Ren, Jiaoyang Li, Katia Sycara
Code: ITA-CBS     Slides: pdf  If you find any problem, please email me.


Multi-modal transfer learning for grasping transparent and specular objects(RA-L with ICRA 2020)

Thomas Weng, Amith Pallankize, Yimin Tang, Oliver Kroemer, David Held

Turning Mice into Tangibles

Enabling Tangible Interaction on Non-touch Displays with Optical Mouse Sensor and Visible Light Communication (CHI 2022)
Code: https://github.com/kiki0805/HCI-Mouse
Paper Draft: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12gEVVGhEd7MPP3T4VeW9VW5QIkls9kWn/view?usp=sharing

Short Bio

I received a B.Eng. in Computer Science from ShanghaiTech University in 2020 and worked as an SDE in Microsoft AzureStack Team for a year. My research is now focused on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning and Multi-Agent Path Finding. I am also interested in MBRL like World Model. I have participated in some publications related to grasping and human-computer interaction in ICRA and CHI. I am also familiar with traditional data structures and algorithms and have several prizes in NOIP, NOI, and ICPC. My first programming language is Pascal.




AWAP 2023  PintOS: 2nd runner up ($400) !