I am always seeking for highly self-motivated students with strong backgrounds on mechanics and physics to join my group. Interested applicants should send a brief description of your research background and CV to

3.28.2019: Met all my office mates back in Northwestern in Geo-congress 2019. Feeling pretty awesome ! Let's go soil stars ~

2.14.2019: Congratulations to Zheng ! Our paper entitled "suffusion-induced deformation and microstructural change of granular soils: a coupled CFD–DEM study" has been published by Acta Geotechnica.

11.16.2018: The recently awarded DOE project lead by Dr. Zhang and Dr. Xi appears in CUBoulder CEAE's news page:

10.26.2018: Dr. Guy Houlsby from the University of Oxford gave the distinguished Hilf lecture at University of Colorado Boulder on "a new design method for large laterally loaded piles"! The graduate students also fortunate enough to hear Guy's lecture on Hyperplasticity. Many thanks to Dr. Houlsby for sharing his great knowledge and being extremely easy going. New ideas are forged and works waiting us ahead!

10.5.2018: Dr. Zhang gave a lecture in the 2018 ALERT Doctoral School themed "Energetical Methods in Geomechanics" at Aussois, France. What a group of awesome people and a wonderful place there!

9.16.2018: Dr. Zhongxuan Yang from Zhejiang University has gave a seminar talk at GEGM group of CUBoulder, visited Zhang's research group and provided advises to the students' research. Millions thanks to Dr. Yang !

6.15.2018: Xiang's first paper on the Shuibuya Rockfill Dam got accepted by Geotechnique. Congratulations ! Thanks Dr. Ma for his guidance and help to Xiang during the project. Wish more exciting works and collaborations to come.

5.29.2018: Gathered with the Northwestern geomechanics group at EMI conference in Boston. Had a lot of fun ! Talked about the soccer match between Italy and Korea at 2002, the critical state soil mechanics and an exiting good news to happen this September.

5.11.2018: Congratulations to Andrew and Joon for completing their M.S. program at CUBoulder! Andrew will start his career at U.S. Bureau of Reclamation this summer and Joon will continue his doctoral study at Texas A&M University.