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 Welcome to the homepage for Yeditepe-SERG.

Yeditepe-SERG is intended for providing innovative solutions to the problems encountered in diverse industries (e.g., defense/military, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation/logistics, finance, telecommunications, e-commerce) from the perspectives of software engineering. By doing so, Yeditepe-SERG aims to maximise effectiveness (getting closer to the business goals) and productiveness (using less time, resources and staffs) in industry.

Yeditepe-SERG conducts empirical software engineering together with industry and perform several different survey studies so as to understand problems that practitioners in diverse industries face with. Then, those problems are analysed statistically and the results are used for determining the real problem(s) to be solved. To propose a solution, we consider the most innovative techniques and technologies so as to maximise the quality of solution such as its reliability, usability, performance, maintainability, etc.

Yeditepe-SERG conducts active researches in the field of software engineering, focussing specifically on software architectures, model-based and model-driven engineering, requirements engineering, language engineering, product-line engineering, formal verification, editor/compiler/parser tool developments. 

We have already supported national/international projects in diverse industries and gained considerable fundings. So, we do our best to keep up at the same rate and propose new innovative project proposals to industry, TUBITAK, ITEA, European commission. With those projects, we defined several domain-specific modeling languages and developed diverse tools that support those languages (e.g., graphical editors, model-2-code generators, model analysers, model simulation tools, document generators, etc.). 

We also publish all our works on reputable conferences and journals so as to make our findings, proposals, and tools recognised by the software engineering community. We have got many papers accepted by several conferences including FEDCSIS, ICSOFT, ENASE, MODELSWARD and journals including Journal of Information and Software Technology, Journal of Computer Languages, Software Practice and Experiences, and Systems.

We organised and are still organising well-known national and international conferences on software engineering. These include the 7th National Conference of Software Architectures (UYMK) in November 2018 and the 17th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA) in September 2023. 


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mert Ozkaya


Yeditepe University, Department of Computer Engineering,

İnönü Mah. Kayışdağı Cad. 326A

26 Ağustos Yerleşimi

34755 Ataşehir - İstanbul

Office: A410 (first floor at the engineering building)

Reaching the engineering building from the main entrance

Tel: +90 (216) 578 04 20 Ext: 1424 

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