Mark Spencer

Southbank, Melbourne, VIC 3006, Australia, Planet Earth. Available for live event recording, panel moderation, interviewing, and collaboration of all sorts. Feel free to get in touch at, or

Founded by Mark Spencer and Rich Bowden in early 2018, Climactic is a podcast and social community for fostering engagement and conversation about climate change and sustainability on the domestic level in Australia.

Mark and Rich both believe that climate change is a current and unprecedented threat to our society, species, and planet, and that massive action will be required to face this threat.

Massive action requires popular support, which first needs public awareness and engagement. Climactic is the hosts efforts to raise awareness and engagement through positive, empowering messages from real people's lives, told through their own voice.

Climactic is a show not about the host's stories, but about their guests, and those guests range from leading environmental thinkers and educators, to everyday people living ordinary lives.

You never know what will inspire you to take further action, and further care for our planet. Climactic is there to bring you as wide a range of stories as possible for inspiration and motivation. We do this because, Houston, we have a problem.

View Mark's writing; original fiction, travel dispatches, podcast reviews, journalistic pieces. Available for commissioned pieces, podcast shownotes, other collaborations.