Our Research

Welcome to Yang Research Lab at UNR! Our research is directed toward the development of polymeric materials with novel functionalities as well as improved sustainability due to pressing environmental issues of plastic materials. Different from traditional polymers which are comprised of stable covalent bonds, we design and synthesize dynamic polymers that contain reversible bonds, dynamic molecular interactions, and hierarchical structures. These molecular features will enable controllable dissociation and re-association of polymer chains, and allow on-demand control of polymers’ chemical and mechanical properties.

Join us!

We are looking for passionate students to join us and build a diverse team together. Perspective students interested in joining Fall 2021 are welcomed to apply. Please send your CV to yingy@unr.edu and describe your research interests.

News and Updates

We are so happy that summer is almost here in Reno. This year we moved into the brand new lab space. Our lab grew to three graduate students, one postdoc, and five undergrads. As the spring semester just ended, we would like to congratulate the following group members for their excellent work:

  • Yinping Cui and Rongrong Su for graduating with BS in Chemistry

  • Connor, Cameron, and Ryan for receiving the Excellence in Teaching Award for their TA work

  • Connor for being selected as this year's Gene and Carla Lemay Scholar

  • Julia Davidson and Nicholas Patapoff for receiving the 2021 Nevada Undergraduate Research Awards (NURA)


Dr. Lasith S. Kariyawasam joined our group as a postdoc. Welcome! - 09/26/2020

It has been a special summer this year! Thank you Connor Filbin, Cameron Locke, Kimberly Hernandez, and Nicholas Patapoff for overcoming the difficulties and conducting excellent research work during the summer of 2020. -08/19/2020

Congratulations to Nick for receiving the 2020 Gene Wong Memorial Endowment Award! - 05/19/2020

Congratulations to Connor for receiving the 2019-2020 Nevada Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) Scholarship! - 01/02/2020

We held our first group meeting - 09/09/2019

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