Yamaha NanoXcel2 hull repair

NanoXcel is a material compound developed by Yamaha and used to mold the hulls of some Yamaha watercraft starting with the 2008 model year.

Beginning with the 2015 model year Yamaha began using NanoXcel2 material in some watercraft models.

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Important: Repair of NanoXcel and NanoXcel2 hull materials are NOT the same as fiberglass or SMC hulls. Embedded into the NanoXcel material are microscopic nodules of a waxy compound. Unless this waxy stuff is carefully cleaned away the repair will not properly bond to the underlying hull material. This can cause the finished repair to flex and literally fall away from the hull during riding.

In addition, traditional polyester based fiberglass repair materials and resins are NOT to be used.
They are not properly compatible with NanoXcel material and bonding will be weak.

Attached below is a two page PDF documenting the actual repair process.

yamahahullrepair 03.pdf