CAPE iFly Field Trip

That's right...We are going flying!!

This is a special treat for CAPE Members ... A trip to the Seattle iFly where we will have an incredible time learning and playing together! Be sure to check out the iFly STEM Education Program Overview document for more information.

! Sign up before the September 3rd deadline !

What: Indoor Skydiving / STEM Learning

Where: Seattle iFly - Tukwila, WA

When: Friday, September 13, 10AM

Ages: Kindergarten - Adult (iFly says ages 3 to 103 can fly)


Flyers = $50.12 ($44.95 + tax) per FLYER this a $25 discount that includes two 1-minute flights in the wind tunnel in addition to the 1-1/2 hour STEM field trip

For any students that choose to attend but opt out of flying, there is just a $15 per person price that covers the education class, lab activity materials, etc.

Non-Flyers = $16.73 ($15 + tax) per PARTICIPANT includes 1-1/2 hour STEM field trip

Parents or others coming to observe but not participate in any way are welcome to come at no cost.

Checks should be made payable to Heidi Brown and MUST be received prior to Sept 13.

STEM Education Overview - iFly.pdf