Field Trips

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we are not currently able to offer in-person field trips. The good news is that we have scheduled some virtual field trips for February! See below for more details.

We are hopeful we will be able to resume field trips next year but it is all dependent on what is advisable and what facilities are opened back up at the time.
We look forward to seeing everyone soon, please keep praying and stay safe.

-Heidi Click here to see last year's field trip calendar (2019-2020 Field Trips)

C.A.P.E. Field Trips

Organized field trips are one of the best benefits of being a C.A.P.E. member! If you have an idea for a field trip, please fill out our new Field Trip Suggestion Form! Click on the link for the specific field trip below to learn more about the field trip (including registration). An email will be sent out letting all members know when registration is available for each field trip.

2020-2021 CAPE Field Trips


Dolphin Research Center, Current Dolphin Research, Online at FieldTripZoom - Feb 4th, 10am (Thursday)
Just how smart are dolphins? Explore what scientists are learning about marine mammals through their research at Dolphin Research Center.
Geared towards st
udents in grades 5-12 but all ages encouraged to attend.

Ford's Theatre, President Lincoln's Legacy, Online at FieldTripZoom - Feb 9th, 10am (Tuesday)
President Lincoln’s assassination in 1865 may have been the end of his life, but it was the beginning of his legacy. From the Civil War to Civil Rights to today, Ford’s Theatre and the Lincoln Memorial have served as stages from which we celebrate President Lincoln and the things that mattered to him: unity, creativity and the right to rise. Presented by Ford’s Theatre and National Mall and Memorial Parks. Geared towards students in grades 4-9 but all ages encouraged to attend.

OMSI, "Indoor Star Party: Tour of the Solar System", Online via Zoom - Feb 11th, 10am (Thursday)
Take a planetarium tour of the universe without leaving your seat. This Zoom based program is an instructor-led screen shared experience traversing through the night sky and beyond. Through instructor-led lecture, students explore the stars, planets, moons, and seasonal constellations. Geared towards students in grades K-8, but all ages encouraged to attend.

Long Island Science Center, Be a Microbiologist, Online at FieldTripZoom - Feb 15th, 10am (Monday)
Bacteria, viruses everywhere! Why do some of them make us sick? Learn how easily germs are spread. Follow the path of germs using Glo germ and black lights. Fight the spread of germs by learning bacteria elimination techniques. A unique experience! Geared towards students in grades K-6, but all ages encouraged to attend.

OSMI, "Crime Scene Chemistry", Online via Zoom - Feb 18th, 1:30pm (Thursday)
Someone's been mischievous in the OMSI Chemistry Lab, but fortunately we can solve this mystery using chemistry! We'll identify mysterious powders, investigate blood types, and unlock the power of chromatography. Topics include chemical reactions, forensic science, and critical thinking. Geared for students in grades 3-8 but all ages encouraged to attend.

River Music Experience, River Currents, Online at FieldTripZoom - Feb 23rd, 10am (Tuesday)
Experience both visual and musical art first hand. Students will learn about the history and evolution of American roots music, and it’s migration up the river – from the cotton field to the big city. Content includes live music performance and narrative on early spirituals, gospel, jazz, blues, country, the birth of rock and roll, and the traditions passed on into contemporary music. Geared for students in grades 3-7 but all ages encouraged to attend.

OMSI, "Squid Dissection", Online via Zoom - Feb 25th, 10am (Thursday)
If your students have the guts, so do we—squid guts that is! OMSI educators show proper dissection techniques to explore the insides of a squid and discover firsthand how the beak, ink sac and other adaptations help this odd, underwater organism survive. Topics include anatomy, animal adaptations, dissection and lab procedures. Geared for students in grades 4-12.

Note: The FieldTripZoom field trips listed above are FREE with a 30 day trial available at:
You do not need to register for these trips via CAPE, just register for an account, book the trip and join us online!

Questions? Contact Heidi ( or 509-972-2181)