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Virginia Mason Memorial - Health Education and Careers

When: Tuesday, February 19th, 1-2:30pm

Where: VMM Community Education Bldg, 2506 W Nob Hill Blvd.

Ages: 6th - 12th grade

Cost: FREE

Your middle school and high school students are invited to come learn about how the choices they make contribute to their health and well-being. Students will learn content presented at VMM's community education classes, including diabetes prevention and healthy nutrition. In addition to health education, students will learn about the wide variety of careers at Virginia Mason Memorial. Did you know that Virginia Mason Memorial employs about 2,800 people between the hospital and outpatient facilities and delivers 2,759 babies a year!? These are just some of the facts you will learn on this field trip.

This field trip's content can be considered both health and occupational education.

Please come prepared to learn and ask questions!

Directions to Memorial Community Education Bldg