Home Educators' Day at the Capitol

Reminder: Field trips are for CAPE Members Only. If you are not currently a member of CAPE but would like to be, click here to become a member!

When: Tuesday, March 12 starting at 9am

Where: Home Educators’ Day at the Capitol, Olympia, WA

416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98504

Suggested age range: All ages

Cost: Free

(Note: There are limited free parking lots at the capitol, parking fees are likely)

Description: The Home Educators’ Day at the Capitol is a great educational experience for the whole family. This event, hosted by Christian Heritage Home Educators of WA, offers special presentations with legislative updates, tips on meeting with your legislators, a message of encouragement for home educators, tour of the Capitol and time to meet with your legislators.

This is our tentative schedule for the day:

9:00am Arrival

9:30-11:30am Columbia Room (Legislative Updates and Speakers)

11:30-12:00pm Break

12:00-1:00pm Under the Dome (Special Program)

1:30-3:00pm Tours (If signed up for Tour)

Please register using the Register Now link above. After registering for this field trip with CAPE, you will also need to register with Christian Heritage. They are not accepting group registrations and have asked that all families that will be attending register individually.

Tips for Visiting Your Legislator

1. Make an appointment in advance to visit your legislator.

- They are very busy people, especially during the legislative session, meetings last 5-15 minutes.

2. Be ON TIME!

3. Dress as if you were going to meet someone important. You are!

- Legislators always dress professionally. We should dress professionally when we visit the Capitol & our legislators too.

- A trip to the Capitol is more than a field trip. It is our opportunity to be ambassadors for Christ and Christian home education to our government officials. This is very important.

- We may be the only homeschoolers some legislators ever see.

- Therefore, our dress should reflect the care, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail that we apply to every area of our homeschooling … and all of life.

3. Be gracious, courteous, and honoring in everything you say and do.

- Through your actions, also, you are representing Christ to this person who is representing you in our government.

- Discuss with your family the importance of communicating with our words, facial expressions, actions, and attitudes only what is honoring to Christ and others.

- Be brief!

4. Have a plan.

- Be prepared with several brief but important things you wish to communicate to your legislator.

- Introduce each member of your family. Then begin by expressing your gratitude for his/her work on your behalf.

- Be informed on issues effecting home education this session, CHN will have a paper prepared for you at registration.

- Express your sincere appreciation for the legislature’s consistent protection of our freedoms to homeschool in this state.

- Share one or two important benefits of homeschooling in your family.

- Express briefly any concern you might have.

- And/or—if time permits—have a child or two ask a significant question that has been thought through beforehand.

5. Be relaxed and friendly.

- Although legislators are governing authorities, they are also people just like you. They appreciate genuine friendliness like everyone else.

6. Be grateful!

- Before leaving, again express your genuine gratitude for the time your legislator has spent with you.

Questions? Contact Heidi Brown, 509-972-2181, heidi@the-browns.ws