Homeschool Choir

Starting January 6, 2020 CAPE will offer Homeschool Choir to CAPE Members age 6 through 18!!


Angela Soffe is an award-winning performing artist teaching private piano, voice, and guitar lessons for ages 6 and older. Angela currently focuses on classical piano, vocal training, and folk guitar. She has more than 20 years of on-stage solo and group performing experience as well as more than 12 years teaching experience. This will be Angela's first time working with a homeschool Choir but she is very excited to work with our children and teach them some fundamentals of singing and what it takes to sing together as a choir.

Age Requirement

The CAPE Homeschool Choir will be offered for children ages 6 thru 18 years of age. We are looking forward to a diverse group of younger and older children with varying levels of singing experience.

Day & Time

The CAPE Homeschool Choir will meet for 1 hour every Monday at 10:15am, starting January 6. Choir classes will go through April 27 (last class) with a performance scheduled for the CAPE Choir at the CAPE Night of the Arts event scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, April 28.


The CAPE Homeschool Choir will meet at Tieton Bible Chapel (4305 Tieton Dr, Yakima) in the sanctuary.


The cost for 4 months of classes (14 one hour classes) is $100/student with a 20% discount for each sibling. So if you have 4 kids that want to participate, it would be $100 for the first student and $80 for each sibling. This comes out to approximately $7/student for each class!! *Payment is due by the second class.