Yahoo Mail not working

Proven Methods to fix Yahoo Mail not working

Are you also facing an issue with your Yahoo Mail App? It could be because of one or many issues. First, you will need to identify which type of problem you are facing with your Yahoo mail. Probably you may face a problem in sending or receiving emails over the Yahoo mail app. Sometimes when Yahoo mail stops working on your device then you need to fix it. So if you are also facing Yahoo Mail not working issue then this article will be going to be very helpful for you all.

Method to fix Yahoo Mail app not working on Android

If your Yahoo Mail app has stopped working and it is getting closed automatically whenever after launching it then you need to follow the steps given below to fix problems with Yahoo Mail. These steps could also be used to fix Yahoo mail not working on Android.

1. Open Settings of your Android mobile phone

2. Select the “Application Setting”

3. Now, select the “Manage apps” button

4. Then look for the Yahoo Mail app

5. Click on “Yahoo Mail app”

6. Now, head to “Clear data” and click on it

7. Select “Clear all data” and then click on “Ok” to confirm it

8. Check if the Yahoo Mail app has started working or not

9. If the Yahoo Mail app has not started working yet then try clear cache files of your Yahoo Mail app

Note: You can try updating your Yahoo Mail app. If the Yahoo Mail app continued to stop working then you can uninstall it from your device and after few minutes try to re-install it again on your Android. If your Android Yahoo Mail app keeps stopping frequently then visit

Your Chrome browser may have stored unnecessary cache files and data. So try to clear all the history and data stored in your chrome browser. Let’s do it in the following steps:

1. Navigate to the setting section of your device

2. Now click on “Application settings”

3. Choose the “Manage app” option

4. Then locate the “Clear all data” option

5. Once you will find the option just click and erase all of the data stored in it

6. Now go to clear all cache files

7. In the apps settings, choose to manage data of your chrome browser

8. After that, locate the “Clear cache” option

9. Then click on the “Clear cache” button to clear all the cache files stored in your chrome browser

Note: By following the above steps you will get to know why my Yahoo Mail app is not working. If, Yahoo Mail keeps stopping on your chrome browser then try updating it or you can try re-installing it on your device. If you are facing the same issue yet then visit

Yahoo mail may have stopped working on your iPhone because of unnecessary data that might be stored on your iPhone Yahoo Mail app. Else your Yahoo Mail might be outdated. To fix these types of issues follow the steps given below.

1. Open Settings of your iPhone

2. Now, head to the App setting available there

3. Then select the “Manage app”

4. Select “Clear all data” option in App settings

5. Then confirm to delete it

6. If you are facing Yahoo mail down on your iPhone yet then try the next step

7. Now try to clear cache files available on your iPhone Yahoo Mail app

Note: Once after trying all these above steps to fix Yahoo Mail not working on iPhone if still you are facing Yahoo mail not working issue yet then try to update your Yahoo Mail app. Or, you can also try to remove and add your Yahoo Mail app once again. Once, Yahoo Mail app started working then you can also do a Yahoo Mail password reset for your Yahoo Mail account easily.


In short, fixing Yahoo Mail's not working issue with the above methods is easy and quick. As we have broken the difficult process in few simple steps. If you are facing any issue with your Yahoo Mail then you should go through this article again. Or you can try visiting If further you have any queries regarding Yahoo Mail not working then you can contact Yahoo mail support phone number.