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Renting a yacht in Dubai is one of the most popular types of outdoor activities in Europe and the world. UAE is a country with a beautiful mild climate, a huge variety of attractions and the best on the Gulf yacht infrastructure, provides an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to join this type of outdoor activities.

Yacht charter in Dubai

Yacht charter is a very popular and actively developing direction in tourism. And yachting in Dubai is one of the best and most fascinating kinds of rest! Even the first time you go to sea on a sailing yacht in UAE, you realize that this is an unforgettable feeling of freedom from the bustle and noise of the usual life. It is an opportunity to see a lot of cultural monuments, beautiful and amazing corners of Dubai in a short period of time traveling from island to island. It is freedom in choosing the direction and route, the opportunity to relax under the splash of the waves inhaling the scents of wildlife and get a charge of vivacity in a match with the wind and sea. A lot of quiet bays, the unique purity of the shores of Emirates, exotic wildlife of uninhabited islands - all this makes rest on a yacht in Dubai unforgettable. This is when every new day is different from the previous one and full of unforgettable impressions. For once, having experienced this on oneself, everyone understands that the smell of the sea, the sensation of the wind, and the sound of the waves can’t be described by any words.

Dubai is an ideal place for yachting enthusiasts, beginners and professionals. A lot of islands, a lot of marinas and closed bays, always accurate and predictable weather forecast at sea, and, of course, very sympathetic and friendly people.

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In twenty years you will regret about what you did not do than about what you did. Therefore, cast aside doubts. Catch a fair wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Open it.

Adria Yacht Tours offers charter and rental of sailing and motor yachts and catamarans, individual approach, captain's services and much more.

Our most popular offer is a yacht trip to the islands and towns in Emirates during the week. But at your request we can develop an individual yacht tour.

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