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Yacht charter in Dubai is an extremely demanded service today. In order to easily find and select the right one from the huge list of yachts, we have developed and placed on your site a convenient search system. Here you will see all the boats that can be hired at the dates you specify, as well as all the details that accompany the yacht charter.

If you are interested in a yacht charter and you found a suitable option on the site, feel free to - contact our specialists for more information!

The yacht rental system allows you to choose an area in Dubai or water area in which you are interested in hire, specify the desired start date for the use of the boat, hiring a cruiser with the required number of cabins.

Some recommendations when choosing a yacht

Studying the database of rental motor boats, you should pay attention to many aspects. First of all, this applies to young skippers, who sometimes take into account only the cost of renting a boat.

The main parameters are size and year of production. When choosing the size of a luxury yacht, you need to consider how many people are going to rest and how comfortable you want to spend time. From the year of release depends on how likely the technical emergency situation or malfunction of the boat during your journey.

Studying the database of rental motor yachts, you should pay attention to many aspects, not only the cost of hiring a boat. Important part is that most companies provide sailing cruises for a period of one week (from Saturday to Saturday), including in Dubai Marina charter firms, and sailing boats can be rented by day as well.

Party Cruise on Board

The large size of the cruiser boat in Dubai is a comfortable accommodation for the crew, but it can add to the difficulties in mooring and parking lot problems. The cruiser model, in our opinion, is not so important when choosing a boat, since almost all shipyards use similar technologies.

If you just got it right. If you just finished yachting courses and got the rights of a skipper, do not seek to take a large cruiser boat! The bigger the ship, the harder it is to manage both under sail and under the engine, especially during mooring in an unfamiliar place. Our recommendation is to take a ship of the same or smaller size than the one on which you were trained!

Yacht rental with captain

If you decide to rent a boat, special attention should be paid to who will manage the boat. Even if you have the rights necessary its management, it is worthwhile to think about such a proposal as chartering with a skipper. Especially if you do not have much experience or do not have the rights to manage the boat, then renting a yacht with a captain is an offer for you. Of course, cruiser charter means to breathe freely and plunge into the world of sea voyages. However, it is important not to plunge into the water itself and not to allow more sad consequences.

Marina Cheap Price - starting from 2 hour Rental

Many are primarily interested in how much it costs. They are looking for cheap rentals. But you need to hire a boat with a sense of responsibility for yourself, your friends or guests with whom you are going on a sailing private trip, and, of course, for the property itself. Especially if it is related to services such as hiring cruisers in Dubai, or, for example, renting a yacht for a wedding. In this case, it is not necessary to pursue excessive impressions, but, enjoying the sea cruise, entrust the business to a professional. In this case, hiring a boat with a captain is an optimal choice, which will provide you with an unforgettable experience with guaranteed safety. Our yacht club company in Dubai is the highest class in providing the best service for you and family!

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