- Enter Youtube Activation Code

How to Activate YouTube by using

In the present era, people love to watch YouTube. Moreover, has the second biggest search engine in the world, after Google. This indicates people are regularly seeking for knowledge or information utilizing YouTube and finding videos linking to these topics. Now YouTube included apps and services that provide you different techniques to watch and get even closer to the content you love. Gamers, music followers, and TV fans all have unique skills respectively tailored for their preferred content with YouTube TV, YouTube Music, and YouTube Gaming.

How you can watch YouTube Channel on Roku Player?

YouTube videos were tough to follow on Roku until its latest version- Roku 3 was introduced. It has not only made it easier for the users to use the YouTube app on their streaming devices but has helped them to have an exciting video watching experience. Installing roku is very simple; here are the instructions for the same.

  1. Attach Roku to your TV and connect to your Wi-Fi network.

  2. Then, log in to your Roku account.

  3. Afterwards, add YouTube channel. Utilize the search function and type in YouTube channel. Moreover, it has many accurate ratings.

  4. Simply enter and click on “Add Channel” and within few minutes YouTube channel will be attached to your Roku account.

  5. Now, you need to click on the key “Go to channel” or “My channel” on Homepage, and you will view the just added “YouTube channel” along with the additional channels you must have added in the past.

  6. Open the YouTube channel by clicking on it.

  7. Now, go to the Gear Icon on the left side of the left channel and select “Sign In”. Here, you would need to add your YouTube account information.

  8. Go to the from your phone or laptop.

  9. Now, click on the “allow access” option.

  10. Once your youtube account is activated, Roku will provide you different code to pair your digital device with it.

  11. Access YouTube pair link from your selected device and access the code provided by Roku. Alternatively, you can browse the code utilizing the QR code reader on your mobile device.

  12. After completing all the above-given steps, you can enjoy watching YouTube on Roku without any interruption.

Steps to Activate YouTube on Kodi

You can activate youtube on Kodi same as other devices. The steps to activateYouTube on your Kodi device is given below:

  1. Simply move to Settings

  2. Choose Add-ons

  3. Choose Install from Repository/Get Add-ons

  4. Afterward, choose Kodi Add-on Repository

  5. Pick Video Add-ons

  6. Find and choose YouTube

  7. Preferred Install

  8. If it is placed, move to Videos then pick Add-ons

  9. Then open YouTube

  10. Choose login

  11. Additionally, the Add-on will furnish you an 8 digit code.

  12. Note: Do not close the screen.

  13. Promptly move to from your device.

  14. Access your Google account details and login

  15. Now you need to access the code that code is given by YouTube app.

  16. Select Allow access if you see the option.


One Start YouTube on Xbox One is simpler. If you move to the YouTube app and try to attach it, it will furnish you a code that you will have to access at Find and open YouTube App from Xbox One. Furthermore, if this is your first time, then need to access your Google account details to log in.

Here you can see the steps for activating YouTube on Xbox One.

  1. Firstly, move to log in & settings

  2. Afterward, choose login and hold X

  3. Further, the app will furnish you a code. Note it down or do not close the screen

  4. Just move to from your devices like phone or laptop.

  5. Then, access your Google account details and login

  6. After that, you need to access the code that the YouTube app furnished you and proceed.

  7. Besides this, press Allow access if you see the option.


You can youtube Activate on Smart Vs easily. There are some models that do not support YouTube App. So, if you cannot get the YouTube app on your TV then that is necessary your device supports it. Moreover, activating YouTube on Smart TV same as Roku. You will be utilizing the same connection to attach your YouTube to your Smart TV. If you want to activate youtube on your smart TVs, you need to follow the given steps.

  1. First and foremost, open your YouTube app on your Smart TV

  2. Next, hold the Gear icon that is located on the left side

  3. Then, click on “log in”

  4. Additionally, it will furnish you an 8 digit code. Keep this screen open

  5. Now go to from your devices such as mobile or laptop.

  6. Enter your Google account information and log in

  7. Afterward, 8 digit code is display on your device screen, you need to enter that code on your YouTube app.

  8. Besides this, click on Allow access if you view the option.

Once you completed all above steps, you can enjoy YouTube on your Smart TV and you should be capable to follow YouTube videos.


The Apple TV appearance will be the same as like other devices where we will access the code by moving toward the youtube link.

Steps for activating YouTube are given beneath

  1. Move to login in and settings

  2. Then, choose login

  3. Besides this, the app will provide you a code.

  4. Afterward, move to from your apple devices.

  5. Access your Google account information and log in. Moreover, you might be offered with a selection screen.

  6. Choose your Google+ account that is connected to your YouTube Channel.

  7. After that, the code is display on your device screen and you need to access that code on the text box.

  8. At last, click on Allow access option.