Xiangyu Luo

Postdoctoral Researcher

Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing Laboratory (HyDROS)

School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science (CEES)

University of Oklahoma

Research Interests

  • Terrestrial hydrological cycles at local to continental scales
  • Water, energy and carbon cycles in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum

  • Developing the high-resolution ( < 100 m ) integrated model for simulating terrestrial water cycles at local to regional scales
  • Applying the high-resolution integrated model to predicting fluvial and pluvial flooding at large scales
  • Developing and improving the land surface model


PhD in Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, 2013.

Professional Experience

2017 – Present, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, United States

2014 – 2017, Post Doctorate Research Associate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, Washington, United States

2003 – 2008, Research Engineer, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR), Beijing, China

Selected Publications

7. Luo, Xiangyu, Hong-Yi Li, L. Ruby Leung, Teklu K. Tesfa, Augusto Getirana, Fabrice Papa, and Laura L. Hess ( 2017 ). “Modeling surface water dynamics in the Amazon Basin using MOSART-Inundation v1.0: impacts of geomorphological parameters and river flow representation.” Geoscientific Model Development, 10 ( 3 ): 1233-1259. doi: 10.5194/gmd-10-1233-2017. Main Points Link PDF PNNL Research Highlight

6. Luo, Xiangyu, Xu Liang, and Jeen-Shang Lin ( 2016 ). “Plant transpiration and groundwater dynamics in water-limited climates: Impacts of hydraulic redistribution.” Water Resources Research, 52 ( 6 ): 4416-4437. doi:10.1002/2015WR017316. Main Points Link PDF Supplement

5. Luo, Xiangyu, Xu Liang, and Heather R. McCarthy ( 2013 ). “VIC+ for water-limited conditions: A study of biological and hydrological processes and their interactions in soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.” Water Resources Research, 49 ( 11 ): 7711-7732. doi:10.1002/2012WR012851. Main Points Link PDF

4. Jia, Yangwen, Hao Wang, Zuhao Zhou, Yaqin Qiu, Xiangyu Luo, Jianhua Wang, Denghua Yan, and Dayong Qin ( 2006 ). “Development of the WEP-L distributed hydrological model and dynamic assessment of water resources in the Yellow River basin.” Journal of Hydrology, 331 ( 3 ): 606-629. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2006.06.006. Link PDF

3. Luo, Xiangyu, Yangwen Jia, Jianhua Wang, Hao Wang, Dayong Qin, and Zuhao Zhou ( 2006 ). “Method for delineation and codification of a large basin based on DEM and surveyed river network.” Advances in Water Science, 17 ( 2 ): 259-264. (in Chinese)

2. Jia, Yangwen, Hao Wang, Jianhua Wang, Xiangyu Luo, Zuhao Zhou, Denghua Yan, and Dayong Qin ( 2005 ). “Development and verification of a distributed hydrological model for the Yellow River basin.” Journal of Natural Resources, 20 ( 2 ): 300-308. (in Chinese)

1. Luo, Xiangyu, Yangwen Jia, Jianhua Wang, and Hao Wang ( 2003 ). “A system for topologically coding river basins and its application.” Advances in Water Science, 14 ( Supplement ): 89-93. (in Chinese)