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Essential Medical Supplies at Low Pricing

Hospitals, medical clinics, and diagnostic centers need an extraordinary amount of essential supplies. It can be overwhelming to operate a facility and remain in budget. Inventory managers have to be creative and seek the highest quality items at the lowest possible pricing. There are very few distributors that can fit that bill.

How Is That Accomplished?

Distributors that do, such as Kemper Medical, that offer products at low, low pricing have distribution arrangements with several top manufacturers. They distribute worldwide so the volume of business also helps keep pricing low. Many also get new products first, therefore inventory is always up to date. Ordering can be completed via fax, email, telephone, or the website.

Understanding the Importance of Every Item

A distributor operated by someone with experience in the medical field selects items that will provide high performance because the importance of even the smallest item is completely understood. A perfect example of this is the importance of x-ray markers. These come in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. The main purpose of the x ray markers is to determine the right side of the body from the left when x-rays are taken.

A simple yet critical distinction that helps to avoid serious medical errors. The lack of x ray markers can lead to the misdiagnosis of a hairline fracture, a tumor, or a bone disease, among others. Placing the wrong xray markers, or forgetting to use them, can result in delayed treatment, confusion, and amputation of the wrong limb. The liability risks of not having proper markers is much higher than the price of items that are clear and precise.

Types of Markers

Knowing which type of marker works best with the format of imaging used is also important. There are classic elite ones that are the traditional and standard marker for x-rays. They are available with initials for left and right or the actual words written across the markers. A space for the initials of the technician is also an option. Vertical and horizontal markers are offered, as are star-shaped ones.

Clip markers are designed to be attached to testing that is recorded. The sound of a heart beat, the speed and force at which blood circulates through a specific body part, and rhythms of air in the lungs are some examples. Newer wafer thin markers are used for portable imaging. These are ideal for use with digital equipment. The right tool for the task makes the job easier and more efficient.